Monday, April 16, 2012

Moncton and Back

It was a very busy couple of days. Rachelle and I headed to Moncton on Saturday morning to attend the Moncton Wellness Expo. The Moncton Well Expo is a big gathering of over 100 exhibitors and dozens of seminars all promoting health, wellness and personal growth. The kinds of people who were there displaying their business, products, school or whatever it may be, were very much into promoting a more natural, holistic and spiritual health rather than the scientific-centered kind of health that I went to school for. I found it fascinating listening to people speak about things like angels, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, aura readings, iridology and intuitive healing. Plus there were tables packed full of natural make-ups, vitamins, honey and food vendors, as well as lots of jewelry, clothes and photography. One of Rachelle's closest friends, Kim Doucette, is an Angel Therapy Practitioner (or a "medium" is the word the rest of the world would understand) so it was very cool to learn more about her and speak to her. I saw many people leaving her booth with red faces and tears streaming down their faces. I wanted to have her do a reading for me but she was booked solid before I had the chance to get over there to put my name in. The thought of angels being around us at all times is quite unnerving for someone like me who values her solitude.

Anyway, like I said, we headed out super early Saturday morning to get to Moncton by 9am to set up. My job for the weekend was to man the booth while Rachelle did, basically non-stop, iridology readings for the two days of the expo. Once word got around that there was someone doing eye-readings, our sign-up sheet filled up fast and we became a very popular booth. Plus we were giving out Vegan Black Bean Brownies to lure people over to the booth to talk to me. I am sneaky that way. (Note, if you try this recipe, take away 1/2 of a banana, up the cocoa by a couple tablespoons and add a couple shakes of salt.) They're really yummy and super moist.  Rachelle also did a 30-minute seminar speaking about Eating for Energy and that was a huge success. As soon as she completed the talk, a big rush of people flocked over to the booth for more info about her and what she does. The iridology readings were pretty much booked solid by the point.

The Enchiladas
After the first day, we were exhausted and super hungry, and since Rachelle knows Moncton like the back of her hand, she knew the best places to go to supper. We headed to Calactus which is an all-vegetarian restaurant which puts a lot of emphasis on serving beautiful food that is natural and fresh, as well as being able to provide some meals that are gluten-free and/or vegan. All I can really say about the meal is YUM! I had the Big Marc Burger (veggie burger of course) and Rachelle had the Enchiladas, both of which we split in half and shared. The food was so delicious and just bursting with flavour. I wish that I could go back right now and order everything on the menu to sample. After dinner we did some shopping and played tourist for a few hours. Then we headed back to the hotel to hang out with a couple of her friends who were in the adjoining room, and just chilled until we were too tired to keep our eyes open.

The next day was another long day at the expo but we shut down the booth a couple hours early so that we could, a) walk around and see the other vendors before we lost the chance to, and b) make a mad dash to Costco before it closed at 5pm (damn Sunday hours). If I lived next to a Costco, I would be a happy person. The frozen food section alone makes me giddy. Giant bags of frozen broccoli for a few dollars? Yes please! By the time we were done, our tiny car was riding low to the ground, packed to the gills, and we headed home after a busy busy weekend.

I feel I should say "The End" after this post. It just feels right.


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