Friday, April 5, 2013

Starbucks Bermuda Triangle

I am not the first person to admit this strange phenomenon, but what is it about Starbucks that makes me so damn productive?

Back in university, one of my roommates always went to Starbucks to get her assignments done. I would never scoff her or judge her or anything of the sort, because we all work differently and some people can function very well in busy, loud and distracting environments. She would go there and spend all day doing work (plus some socialization of course since Charlottetown is a tiny town and meeting up with multiple people you know in a Starbucks is highly likely.) I never knew how she did it.

Me, I always knew that I needed peace and quiet to get my school work done. When I am at home, it's all about closed doors with no TVs or radios going in the house to distract me. If there is any kind of background noise going on while I am doing homework, I'd might as well just tear the paper in half and leave the house to go for a walk, cause I ain't getting no work done. It's very frustrating because I try and try to ignore the noises, but my brain will always wander to the slight distraction instead of focus on what is in front of me.

Then one day, I went to Starbucks with my lap top. I really just wanted to get out of the house and drink some delicious coffee, so the excuse of going to a coffee shop with my school stuff made it justifiable. As long as I had good intentions of getting shit done, then all was good in my world if I accomplished nothing more than people watching and sipping a comforting Americano.

But then something magical happened. I destroyed my school work and did a pretty awesome job at it! It was as though I was in the Starbucks Bermuda Triangle where the music, espresso machine, chatty workers, gossipy customers and noise from the street all came together to create this symphony which made me buckle down and get my work done. What was going on? Why is this happening?

Because Jaime is surprising her fiancee with a private chef and cooking his birthday meal as I type (I know right!?! Lucky guy), I wanted to make myself scarce from the house today so I packed up my stuff and have been hiding from the house all day. After some wandering around and a deep tissue massage at the local Oriental Therapy Clinic (mmmmmmm, it was lovely) I have now been sitting here in Starbucks for over 3 hours and have accomplished more school work today than I have in the past 2 weeks. I'm sitting at a tiny table that is only large enough to hold my computer and my coffee cup, and my textbook and binder are balancing on a chair beside me.The rest of the tables are packed full of people; friends catching up on each other's lives, babies crying in their strollers and workers walking around clearing empty cups, washing tables and talking on their headsets to the people in the Drive-Thru. There is so much bloody noise right now, and yet I am highly productive. Like I said...Starbucks Bermuda Triangle.

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