Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Say NO To Crack

Crunch time is fast approaching around here. Assignments and exams are starting to build up and one can easily feel the tension...not only on campus but in this house as well. I'm still rather calm about it all at this point, mostly because I am not in Microbio this semester (thankfully I did it last year because I wanted to skip having to do two labs in one semester like most of the people in my program are now having to get through). I've been trying to organize my time according to make sure that I have time to do the things that I have to do, like homework and having a job, but also finding tiny windows to do the things that I want to do, make time for Chris, hang out with friends and workout. I hate that my life is so incredibly structured right now, but it's what needs to be done to keep from falling through the cracks...or cracking under the pressure. Either way, avoiding the cracks is key!

Thursday night I went to dinner with a group of friends to Churchhill Arms. I've been wanting to go there for so long (literally, years!) because I heard such wonderful things about their curry, but somehow I just never got there. But Thursday night I went with a group of people and we managed to cram 8 people around a tiny table and ate and drank until we could barely function anymore. I know it's unhealthy to eat that amount of food in one sitting, but c'mon. What is better than curry and beer? That's what I thought. Nothing! Ok, I can think of a couple things too, but this is a PG-13 blog so we're going to ignore that last comment and move on.

Yesterday we had a giant snowstorm (giant for PEI anyway) so we got a snow day which meant that classes were cancelled! It wasn't a huge bonus for me since I only have one class on Fridays, but I was able to get some work done and also my hairdresser called and asked me if I wanted to move up my hair appointment a couple hours since there were so many cancellation for him. That made me happy to be able to get in there early. I love love love getting my hair done. Two and a half hours of a man massaging and pulling at my head while we talk and gossip about anything and everything. Plus they offer me coffee and give me trashy magazines to read. So satisfying.

Tip of the day: People will always surprsie you, so always be on your guard, even when you think that you have someone pegged down.

Today (Saturday) was a pretty decent day. Headed to work at one and was very glad to be able to work with both Chris and Lindsay, both of which I never get to work with anymore due to the recent lay-offs at the store. I had to part and test toys for 8 hours straight which can be repetative and dull at times, but on the other hand it's great that I get to see how they all run, which ones are quiet and which ones have the most functions. It's good to be knowledgeable about these things because sometimes we get people coming into the store and all they want is something quiet so that the roommates or children won't hear them in the next room. Oh my job can be facinating sometimes, that's for sure. But the shift went by really quickly. I'm wondering if I want to go out tonight. I was out late last night, and as much as I want to, I'm not getting any younger. Sure I could handle night after drunken night of partying in my younger years, but I just can't keep this up (everyone who knows me well enough is laughing hysterically at that last sentence). We'll see.

Oh, and people are asking about the mouse situation in the house. It's stealing the bait from the traps and walking away with complete ease. I'm intrigued at the brilliance of this rodent. Stay tuned to see how it all ends.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Educationally Sterile

There's a lot of random topics that I want to talk about and I don't know where to begin. Do you start with the serious and move to the light-hearted topics, or do you start with the happy and end on a dark note? I guess I will start serious because I know that people are just dying to hear about what I am going to talk about right now. The verdict is out on the who did and who did not get accepted for a dietetic internship, and yes, I was denied one. Was I expecting this outcome? Yeah I was actually. Was I ready for this outcome? Nope, not at all. I've been preparing myself for a while now to be rejected from the program because there are some things that I have stacked against me in terms of what they are looking for. If I did get it, I wasn't even sure if I was going to accept it. I would have felt awful to get it, only to turn it down knowing that there were other people who really really wanted it. But in the end, it's still a really shitty feeling to get denied this. The best way to explain it is when a woman who wasn't planning on having children finds out one day that she is sterile and will never be able to conceive. Even though she never intended to ever get pregnant, now that she learns that she actually cannot ever get pregnant, there's a huge sense of loss and mourning. The next aspect of this which is both entertaining and a bit insulting is that people seem to be treating me like I have some incurable disease. They don't know how to approach me to talk about it, so they just pretend that it doesn't exist and ignore the fact that it even exists. I'm going to just leave it at that for now. The world sucks sometimes but we chug on through. Life goes on and so am I :)

Next topic is a little lighter in detail, but is not for the squeamish. We officially have mice in the house. Yeah, not cool. I mean, I'm all for living in harmony with nature and all that, but when they chew into your delicious box of cereal, then things have got to change. I think the plan as of right now is that the landlord is going to try to figure out where they are getting into the house and set traps. But don't worry to all of you avid animal lovers. They will be humane traps and we will drive the captured mice to the country and let them go where they will live out the rest of their days playing in the fields and sleeping in barns...this is at least what Kaylynne is dreaming for these little critters anyway. I think that if this fantasy is to come true then she is going to have to drive them out there herself and set them free. Me, I'd just donate them to some of the hungry cats in the neighbourhood and let nature take it's course. I think I just lost a few followers with that last comment. People are gasping and writing hate letters to me as this very second. I can feel the disdain.

I recently read some really interesting stuff about pheromones and I thought it would be cool to hear to feedback of this. Basically what I'm learning is about research that they have done on humans with pheromone manipulation and the attraction response from other people as a consequence. They take odourless underarm secretions from heterosexual men and women, and from gay men and women, then other people evaluate the pleasantness of the pheromones not knowing what they are or who they came from. Heterosexual men gave homosexual men's secretions the lowest possilbe ratings whereas homosexual men gave heterosexual men the lowest ratings....and so on with results that follow the same pattern. Researchers are saying that our pheromones may help us to find people who are potential future sexual partners. So now I'm thinking what about all of this junk that we are adding to our bodies to mask our natural body odours? We are covering up the very essence of what may be the last of our basic raw animal instincts with artifical scents and antiperspirants. Instead of natural pheromones attracting us to the people that are biologically compatible, we're becoming attracted to the trivial and external features that get our blood pumping (like looks, clothes, cars...etc). I wonder what the sales of perfumes and deodorants were at when divorce rates suddenly skyrocketed?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soapbox Spiel

I just got home from work and I have a message that I want to put out into the world. Everyone knows that we have to treat our bodies with respect by feeding it well, staying hydrated, exercising and getting enough sleep. This knowledge is as common as knowing that the sky is blue and that water runs downhill (except for that creek in BC where it appears to run uphill and I am perplexed every time I drive by it). What I want to talk about, well, what I want to plea about is for all people to please take care of yourselves for the sake of the penis. Yep, you read that correctly; the penis.

Everywhere you look these days you are bombarded by the words "erectile dysfunction" and most people laugh it off, but it's really serious and can be an extremely frustrating and heart-breaking situation. Things like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, sleeping pills/sedatives, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can all contribute to the little man to remain limp. Today I met a man who is a diabetic who was quite desperate to find something that would help him to be able to get an erection. He had already tried Viagra and a few other things, and that didn't work for him. All I could think about was that he was a very overweight smoker, and all I wanted to say was "well, maybe if you lost a few pounds and got off the cancer sticks you would be able to increase blood flow and perhaps get an proper erection". Of course I could never say this, but it's what we all think and are unable to say. But I really felt for this man because I could sense the frustration in his voice and the underlying defeat in his body language. By the time we went our separate ways my heart was saddened for him. Imagine if you or your partner couldn't get it up no matter what he tried and no matter how much he wanted to. Think of the feeling of helplessness that you would feel.

If we could just take better care of ourselves, not only would we feel so much more incredible, both physically and mentally, we would be able to fight off these horrible diseases that are making our lives miserable. Our culture is full of people who are popping pills for problems that may be able to be helped with ways other than the pharmaceutical route. I guess I just want people to be happy and healthy. It would be such a relief to have disease rates decrease for once instead of hearing story after story about cancer and heart attack victims. Life's too short to be sick.

I'll get off my soapbox now and retreat into the depths of homework. Just think of my message. Take care of the body, take care of the penis.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cell phones still confuse me.

I think I have to break down this entry into sections because it's been a fair amount of days since I last wrote and I don't want my thoughts and stories to get all blurbed into one giant paragraph.

Wednesday the 20th: A rather uneventful day. I started it with a new DVD (chest, shoulders, triceps + ab ripper) from P90X which was exciting. Starting week 5 was exciting because there are new workouts in this week and the anticipation of what is yet to come is always great! It's like Christmas day, but instead of getting a wicked new ninja turtle action figure, you get to destroy muscles that you honestly had no idea even existed in the human body. When did this trade off happen??? I had only one class that day, plus foods lab as well. All I have to tell you people is to never bake with sucralose, even if your life depends on it. If a doctor is standing over you while you lay on your death bed and says "if you want to live, all you have to do is eat this sucralose infused muffin..." just chose the route to death. Honestly, whether you end up in heaven or hell won't matter because either place will have better food. During lab we all started talking about the internship interviews which were starting the next day, and Faye (lab instructor) started telling us that we had to sell ourselves as much as we could and to BE READY for the clinical questions. When she mentioned this, all I could think was "HOLY EFF! The clinical questions!" Somehow, please do not ask me how, I had blocked the whole clinical questions section from my memory and honestly had not thought about that aspect of the interview at all up to that point. A trickle of sweat beaded down my neck at this point.

Thursday the 21st: The day of the interview had arrived. I woke up feeling a bit more nervous, but I'd already come to the point in my mind-set where I knew that I would either get the internship or not, and in the end I had no control over what the panel of judges would decide. All I needed to do was bring my "A" game to the interview and do my best (and forget the rest). Of course I had a class at 8:30 am, and with the interview not until 11:15, I decided to go the class and try to take my mind off of it. Ha, yeah right. I do not remember a single aspect of Community Nutrition from that morning. Jennifer could have been passing out winning lottery tickets and my brain would still have been in a whole nother realm. I do remember all of a sudden the class being over and I woke out of my day-dream to find her telling us to make sure that during the interviews we knew why we were the best, the smartest, the most adaptable.... and I left the room thinking, "why am I the best?" I had an hour and a half to think that over before the interview. I had a complete opposite reaction to the interview as I normally do to these kinds of situations (please refer to my previous discussion about public speaking). Instead of being calm and then crazy nervous, I was nervous while waiting to get in the room, and when they finally called me in, this calm came over me and everything was fine. Yeah, I buckled on a couple questions and I'm kicking myself for saying one thing when another answer would have been so much better, but it's done and over and I did the best that I could. Only time will tell (a week or so) until we all find out who they chose. I got to spend the afternoon/evening with Chris which is always great. We do not get to see each other as much as we would like to because I am the asshole who always has to be doing homework and assignments, therefore he has to occupy his time elsewhere because the guy is just too distracting to get any work done around. But like I said, it was awesome to be able to spend some time together. It was also great to feel no guilt about not doing a single shred of homework that night. I felt I deserved it since I survived the interview.

Friday the 22nd (Mom's birthday): Another new DVD! (Back and Biceps). Great way to start the day. Only one class on Fridays which is wonderful. I did find it slightly hard to stay awake in class, especially since I knew that I had to head to work directly from class. Work was pretty decent though. It was really quiet for most of the night which is torture when you have plans for when you get off work. But I did get to close with Sarah which is a nice change. No crazy people in the store either which was also a bit of a relief. Even though the crazys make the job interesting, it's hard to deal with them day after day. After work I rushed home to get ready to go out. In celebration for the ending of the interviews, a bunch of us from the program all decided to go out and have some fun. A group of girls came over to our house for some pre-bar drinks and chat. I love the people I go to school with. They're a pretty awesome group of people for sure. We ended up all heading to the Olde Dublin where there was a band playing (I was not a fan at all but the company was good nonetheless). Chris showed up near the end of the night...I think he may have been a bit overwhelmed by a bunch of drunk nutrition students all talking about catheters and enteral tube feeding, but he was a trooper as always. The night ended with a near fight with our table and a 60+ year old woman who was badmouthing us for reasons we cannot fathom. Our best guess is that she thought Chris was someone else...someone who was apparently "a big idiot who hung out with five of the stupidest people she had ever seen" (her words, not mine!). I would love love love to know what was going on there. I'm also thinking that the extreme amount of mascara that she was wearing was altering her eyesight, as well as the probable large quantities of rum and diet cokes she was likely pounding back all night. Weird situation indeed. But I did learn a few things last night. 1) You are always going to run into the last person you want to at the exact moment you don't want to. 2) I don't get to hang out with Lexy enough. 3) I have a nice ass. 4) Never have bottles on the table when Sam is drunk and telling stories. 5) Cell phones still confuse me.

Congratulations to Gill and Ralph who are expecting a baby boy in the Spring!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Possible breakthrough?

The number one biggest fear of all people is public speaking. Why do we get all flustered and nervous at the mere mention of the subject? I had to do a presentation in my Human Sexuality class this evening, and it made me think about public speaking and why we get all freaked out over it. We've had to do oral presentations since the beginning of the first grade. At one point each of us is going to have to stand up and tell everyone our name, where we're from and our favourite colour. This is inevitable. Why don't we get used to it and how come it doesn't get easier?? Do most people get nervous at the thought of screwing up and looking stupid, or are they concerned about being judged by their peers?

I like to think of myself as a rather chill, go-with-the-flow, shit happens sometimes, kind of person. Whenever I have to get in front of a group of people and speak, I feel completely calm because I know this is something that I have to do, so I'd better just deal with it and get on with my life. But for some reason, as soon as I get out there in front of the room, lights shining down, all eyes on me, my body suddenly says, "What the hell?!? What are you doing in front of these people!? Get out of there! Run you bloody moron, run!" This is the point in which my vocal cords tighten and my voice gets that horrible waver that is distinctive to only those who are public speaking. Why does my body suddenly switch to panic mode at the very last second??? The human body is very confusing sometimes. But, I would like to say that the presentation went astonishingly well. My professor in that class makes the atmosphere so comfortable and uninhibited that by the end of the presentation I was talking with the class as though I'd known them for years. Sure I forgot to say a couple things (my mind went completely blank when trying to think of the word fertilization), but still I think the experience may have been a public speaking break-through in my life. I certainly hope so anyway.

Tip of the day: Sex may last a minute, but herpes lasts a lifetime. Wear a condom people.

There is this new noise in my room that comes from the wall which has my window. I was going to call it my "far wall with the window"but then I started to laugh at the thought of using that description of my room. If anyone has ever seem my room, they would know that my room is smaller than a prison cell and to claim that I have a "far wall" is completely absurd. Anyway, the noise sounds like there is something scratching along the inside of the wall. I honestly thought that there was a rodent or some kind of creature in my room last night as I layed here listening to the sound move across the room, about two feet from my bed. A 2am lights on search came up with no evidence, so perhaps there is something in the walls?? I'm not a fan of the thought of this being true. The house that we live in is over 100 years old, so for all I know there could be the bones of Charlottetown's Founding Fathers buried in the walls...therefore mice is not that far fetched of an idea.

Life is getting more and more confusing every day. I wish I could pay someone to make the right decisons for me. I'll explain another day, but I will leave you all (and by "all" I mean my one follower) with the knowledge that major decision making is on it's way and it isn't going to be easy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am trying to remember what life was like before there was homework, deadlines, tests, stress and multiple attempts of joining a religious cult in Utah in hopes of escaping it all. One of the funniest moments of this school year was a day last year when I was getting ready to go out for a night on the town, and Kaylynne walked into the bathroom while I was putting my face on, and with all the seriousness in the world said, "Ok, I have a plan to escape the giant stack of building schoolwork. It involves running away with the circus and I am more than willing to grow a beard to commit to the plan." I haven't laughed that hard in a really, really long time. But this is a really difficult school year for sure. They always tell us that the third year is the worst, and year number 3 is definitely living up to its reputation. The thought of getting an internship is daunting because it means that I don't get another summer vacation. Nope. I would get a summer of huge amounts of work and not a single penny of pay from all of it. I had a good conversation with my dad about the whole not-getting-paid-for-doing-an-internship thing and he's pretty livid about the whole situation. Sure he's my dad and he wants me to be well taken care of, and by that I mean being paid for the work...I don't know what my true opinion is on the topic. I mean, we are providing a kind of service, but we are also being taught something in the process. I don't know. Any opinions out there??? This just reminded me that my interview is in a couple days. Great. I totally forgot about it until right now.

Another Saturday has nearly come to an end. Not much really happened lately. I worked both yesterday and today, and will again tomorrow, so that takes major time away from school work. Sure, I could be doing homework instead of writing a blog, but really, I need some down-time every now and then! Today was an interesting shift at work. It was a really short one, but I did nearly get in a fight with a customer who demanded a refund on an item that is undisputably non-refundable. I don't think that I have ever used so much self-control in my entire life. I should get some kind of award for not going off on this customer for being such a...dare I say... complete and utter greedy bastard?? No, that would be too harsh. Anyway, hopefully he does not become too big of a nuisance for the staff at the store.

Tip of the day: Don't forget to breathe.

Speaking of staff, I am hugely looking forward to going out for drinks with a couple of my amazingly wonderful coworkers tonight. It feels like I haven't been out in the public for a long time and I look forward to mingling with people who are not telling me that I have to get this assignment done, or that test studied for, or this product refunded even though it was a final sale!!!! (Can you detect my small amount of residual bitterness for this person?)

As you have probably realized, I did survive Core Synergistics. It was definitely one of the most difficult DVDs so far, and I get to do it again tomorrow. Week 4 is supposed to be the "rest week" in which you take it fairly easy and do a lot of stretching and yoga. But then they throw in this killer core work-out that makes you want to cry. How is this resting? I think there is a glitch in the system.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What have I gotten myself into?

A few days before I flew back home to BC for the Christmas break I decided to take on the challenge of the one-and-only P90X phenomena that is overtaking the fitness world. I've seen the infomercials so many times and every time that I watch it, I think "I could do totally do that! I could have a body like that too!" (I can be optimistic too ya know... so don't shake your heads at me.) So like I said, I went and bought the set of DVDs, and satisfied with my purchase and my decision, I got on a plane and headed home.

I was pumped to start the first DVD right away...but then there's the whole jet lag thing, and my mom stuffing food down my throat (believe me, I didn't stop her), so I waited a few days to start. Also, good ol' Air Canada lost my luggage once again so I couldn't start them anyway until my luggage showed up 4 days later. The one thing about the program is that they recommend that you be at a certain fitness level before you begin, mostly because they don't want you to hurt yourself, throw the DVD player across the room and bad mouth the program to all of your friends until the end of time. My first concern was not passing their "fitness test", which consisted of being able to do a certain amount of things like push-ups, chin-ups, wall-squats and jumping jacks. I ended up being at an alright level, which made me happy. What did not make me happy was that I had to basically measure every inch of my body beforehand so that when I look back in 90 days I will see my changes. Really though, who wants to measure themselves during the Christmas holidays?? But I did it anyway, because I am committed. What is their famous saying??? Decide, Commit, Succeed! That was me.

The first few days went fairly well actually. I remember thinking "I can do this! No problem!" Sure I was a bit sore but that is to be expected. By the end of week one I was feeling pretty good about my decision. I really loved being home and having the whole basement to myself, in which I created my own personal gym. Unfortunately the ceiling is a bit low down there for some of the moves, so I was bumping my head lots and not able to do the jumps (especially the ones in plyometrics), that I wanted to do. Another negative about the room was that there always seemed to be some kind of pet watching me work-out which can be a bit distracting. Peanut was always very interested in what I was doing down there, so she would sit there and judge me with her bright feline eyes. I think she was laughing internally about my lack of coordination and flexibility. Splash is always the worst to work-out around. She is always in my face (literally) or lays under or beside me in hopes of getting my attention away from what I am doing and onto that slobbery stuffed goose that she wants to me throw for her. It's a good thing they're cute.

Week two was a bit of a different story. This is the point in which I realized that it's only going to get harder and that I was stuck doing something that was going to have to somehow get through because "I am committed". I did notice right away that I was stronger in my arms and shoulders already (even though I still royally sucked at doing push-ups and chin-ups). The thing with P90X is that it does get harder the more you do it because as you get stronger and more familiar with the moves, you're using more muscles, getting better and working harder...therefore more pain and anguish the following morning (in which you have to do it all over again). By the end of week 2 I did have an life-changing experience. When I was doing Yoga X, I realized that for the first time in my life I could sit on the floor with my legs out, and touch my toes without bending my legs. I could touch my toes!!! This may seem like a rather pitiful reason for me to get all excited, but this is a major milestone for me. I am extremely inflexible (my dad is about as flexible as a tree trunk, so thanks dad for that one), therefore this accomplishment made me very happy indeed.

Flying back to PEI was a bittersweet experience. I was leaving my friends and family behind again, as well as my little sanctuary gym where I could be left alone to grunt and groan in self inflicted suffering. Plus I was heading back to the tiny island of sea and ice (and wind) where the weather always sucks. On the flip-side, I got to get back to school and work and see my other group of friends and boyfriend. Also, week 3 of the program was to be completed, which I got through with less pain, but also less time and room to do it in. I also got a chin-up bar finally, which meant that I was really in it now.

Week 4 started yesterday (much to my dismay it began with Yoga-X, my least favourite video so far). What I am really excited about though is that week 4 is a whole new set of DVDs and I get to do Core Synergistics today. I have no idea what this entails, but it looks scary and I am pumped to give it a try. Luckily Sam will be home when I am doing it, so if I keel over at any point hopefully she will hear the thud and come to my rescue. Tip of the day: it's always good to have a game plan, and she is mine.

I guess I am telling my story of my P90X experience because there are probably a lot of people out there who want to try it, haven't get made the commitment yet and are waiting to hear more about it. I am not telling you either way to do it or not do it. All I want to say about the topic is that it is very time consuming and to get "optimum results" you're supposed to follow the work out schedule strictly and eat a quite disciplined diet. They don't put you on a diet or anything. They just tell you the kinds of foods that you should eat as you progress through the program and the ones you should eliminate (fat, sugar and salt, surprise surprise!). So far I am really enjoying it, but that may be the masochistic side of me shining through.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Story of Sam

Whenever I don't want to do homework when I know that I should be, I always end up resorting to distraction from the same source: Sam. I met Sam when we were in our first year at UPEI. We both lived on third floor in "New Res" and I liked Sam right from the start. She is bubbly and adorable, also from way out-of-town as I am, and we got along swimmingly from the very beginning. First year is always stressful because you have no idea what to expect when it comes to course load, grouchy professors and horrible cafeteria food, so whenever I was in need of a distraction, I always headed to Sam's room where I would plop on her bed and interrupt whatever she was up to at the moment. We would talk about school, friends, work, boys, basically anything that was on our minds. The great thing about her is that she would always stop what she was doing and take the time to talk to me. I think she knew that once I vented then I would get out of her space and allow her to get back to work.

When we returned in September for second year, it turned out that we were neighbours once again, but instead of living down the hall from one another, this time only a wall separated our bedrooms. Sure, this was inconvenient for me since her family always called right around the time that I was heading to bed and Sam has a very distinct talking voice (she knows how much I love her and that this won't offend her at all), but on the flip-side it was convenient for her and her roommate since I was always bringing them baked goods (another major source of distraction from schoolwork - baking!) Overall, the fact that we were so physically close helped me a lot. Instead of having to walk all the way down the hall, I just had to step out my door and knock on hers...which of course always lead to me plopping on her bed and another vent-fest would occur.

I hadn't even planned on talking about Sam or sharing all of this somewhat useless information, but today I did the usual bed plopping scenerio, the first time this semester, and it just got me started on the topic of my school procrastination process and my overall love and devotion for my good friend. We now rent a house together and are getting along quite well! Living with friends can be monumentally tricky and must be handled with extreme care and caution. Friendships can easily be ruined through the experience, something which has happened to me in the past and I didn't want repeated this year. But like I said, so far we have been able to balance our diverse personalities and not get on each other's nerves too badly (at least in my opinion. For all I know they may be planning my death at this very moment).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Blog Entry....kind of scary

So my roommate Kaylynne started a blog a little while ago, and it interested me to start one myself. Sure there are things like Facebook to keep us "connected" with the people we love, but really, having hundreds of friends to try to keep up with can be a daunting task, to say the least, and we really don't ever really get the chance to keep up with their lives the way we may want to.

This blog will be my attempt to keep the people who mean the most to me up-to-date with what's going on in my life. I am hoping that this will accomplish at least two tasks which will better my mental situation. The first will be that it will interest my parents enough to finally break down and get a computer so that they can stay in touch with what their daughter is "really up to" over there on that island. The second is that when I get home to BC for visits (which isn't often enough), that my every single one of my friends and family members won't have to ask me the same questions over, and over, and over again. They will have the opportunity to read this blog and not have the need to ask me simple questions, when it's the real important ones that should be asked when you haven't seen someone you love in so long! I hope that didn't come off as snooty or impolite.

So the next big question is, who is going to actually read this anyway??? Blogging has been around for quite a while now and I'm sure that people are sick of it, but it's new for me so I'm going to give it a shot (I accidentally wrote "shit" instead of "shot", laughed, and then changed it). I can be a brutally honest person sometimes...jusk ask my co-worker/good friend Sarah. Never have I once not given her my complete and utter truthful opinion on the guys that she dates. Another thing that you will learn quickly about me is that I have 3 major Sarah's in my life. I will give you a quick run-down on each of them in a vain attempt to clear things up for you.

Sarah #1=heterolifepartner from BC who I've known since grade 8.

Sarah #2= longest known and amazing friend who I've known since I was 5 years old and now lives in Seattle with her husband and 2 kids (I will refer to her as Gill from this point on)

Sarah #3= co-worker and fantastic friend who has one of those laughs that you could pick out of a crowd of a million people.

I also have a list of Chris's that I'll have to clear up someday, but not today.