Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Proud to be Kind

Every now and then I get a reminder as to why it is awesome to be a Canadian. Yes there are many reasons that I am proud to be Canadian, such as:

- Toques. So much more than just something to keep your head warm in the winter. So very much more.
- Beer.
- The MacIntosh apple (from Ontario!)
- Terry Fox.
- Canadian bacon and maple syrup. Mmmmm...and combining them.
- The Rocky Mountains.
- Stuart McLean. One of my all-time favs
- Ketchup chips. Yeah that's right...we rocked the ketchup flavoured potato chip before anyone else. (Ever put them in your hot dog?)
- Die hard hockey fans. I'm no hockey fan, but I can appreciate the love my fellow Canadians have for the sport.
- Robert Munsch! The Paper Bag Princess and I Have To Go are the best!
- Legalized same-sex marriage way before you all did! Spread the love man!
- We have awesome sayings, such as Eh? and Just given'er.
- Ryan Gosling. Need I say more?

Just have to double check this one.

Alright I'm good.

Canadians are notorious for being known as nice people and it's true. Most of us really are truly nice people. Today my reminder of why I love being Canadian was the simplicity of 2 nice people.

I was walking home from the store when I came to a 4-way stop in my neighbourhood. When I got to the crosswalk, I had to hesitate a second when a car approached a stop sign. From his lane position, I thought that he was going to drive straight through, which was the crosswalk that I was planning on walking through. I stopped and turned and took the crosswalk on my right so that I wouldn't inconvenience him with having to wait for me to cross where he wanted to pass through (cause I'm nice like that). Instead of pulling through as expected, he put on his turn signal and started to turn the way I was walking.

Keep in mind that all of this happened in the time span of only a couple seconds so these split second decisions made by the both of us just happened to work against one another. Technically we both cut each other off at the same time, just one was in the car and the other on foot.

As I was half way through the cross walk, he gave me a little wave out of the window with a big smile and said, "Have a wonderful day!"

I replied with, "You too! Thanks so much!"

No apologies from me for going through where he was driving or from him for not signalling when he should have. Just two friendly smiles, a wave and some wishes of a nice day.

Thank you Canada, for making nice people.


  1. Oh I know, eh? Canadians are just given'r on the niceness! I heart Canada!

    I still have my Terry Fox book in storage I think. And I had forgotten about Robert Munsch!

    Ketchup chips are ONLY good tucked into hotdogs. And you also have All Dressed chips, which us silly Americans don't. So there's that too.

    I tried explaining ketchup and all dressed chips to Ralphie... he didn't appreciate the glory.

    You also have Wonderbars.

    And Canadian Smarties are chocolate, whereas American Smarties are those pill-shaped candies in the plastic wrap rolls. Very disappointing.

    But best of all? FUZZY PEACHES!!!! I can't believe you forgot those!

  2. I also can't believe I forgot fuzzy peaches!!! Where is my head? I also didn't realize that the US didn't have All Dressed chips...but they're gross anyway so you guys can have them if you want.