Monday, July 23, 2012

Even If Just For 2 Weeks

I've been following the news fairly closely the past few days since I was/am saddened by the shooting in Aurora Colorado on Friday. With 12 people dead and 58 wounded, how can one not be troubled by such an event? These people were all psyched up for the weekend and to go see the newest Batman installment, only to have the night end in a tragedy that will haunt their memories for the rest of their lives. Any time a story like this hits the news, my heart and my brain are just overwhelmed with emotion and confusion about how a person can do something like this. What gives him the right to decide that these people will die that night and that he should wield that power? What could be going on in a person's brain to do something like this - not to mention also rigging his apartment full of explosives. I think that USA needs to take a long hard look at their gun laws. Yeah you may have the right to bear arms, but you don't have the right to murder. Arrgg. Just writing that last sentence gets me so frustrated because I know gun laws aren't the problem here. Even if guns were 100% banned, people would still easily be able to get their hands on them.

Like me, it seems that most North Americans are glued to the TV or news websites to see what is going to happen to this young man. His life became officially over the moment he opened fire at that theatre. A lifetime in prison starting at the age of 24, in my opinion, is the end of a life. They're considering to pursue the death penalty and I agree that the death penalty will be a rightful decision cause really, who wants to pay taxes to keep this man alive for the next 70 years sitting in prison.

When events like this happen, it's always amazing how communities come together to support each other and express their sorrow for the grievers. When we all feel like we're so disconnected from society, society comes forward and lends a shoulder during sad times. I think it's because we are able to stand back and come to the frightening realization that this can happen to any person at any time in any town, city or country. We appreciate that it did not happen to us and most of us probably hugged a loved one that day.

This may seem a bit strange, but I think that the opening of the 2012 Olympics on July 27th is perfect timing considering what Colorado is going through right now. There are 2 things that I love love love about the Olympics.

1) You get to watch amazing athletes compete in sports that are not usually bombarding the airways (such as gymnastics, high-jump and wrestling) and they're not doing this for money or fortune. They're competing to be recognized as the best in their sport IN THE WORLD. That's frickin' awesome.

2) Even though we're all competing against one another, the world comes together to watch and celebrate the Olympics. We're all watching to cheer on our country's best athletes and we become closer as a nation because of it - even if just for 2 weeks.

The 2012 Olympics will get the USA cheering for their athletes and maybe help them forget for a little while that a crazy psychopath murderer exists in Colorado. Hopefully the news will focus less on pain and despair and more on stories of greatness and success for a change. Even if just for 2 weeks.

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