Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weddings and Water Excess

I've now been in Trail for 14 days and today is the first real day of nice weather. It's always crappy to go on vacation and get stuck in bad weather, especially when the trip is centered around my sister getting married. We were super lucky to have a break in the weather on the day of the ceremony and even got to have the post-nuptial meal outside in the sunshine!

Unfortunately, the next day was the larger reception which was a casual BBQ meal out in the back yard of Pam and Graham's house, and the weather did not cooperate as nicely. It poured rain and stormed loudly for a good hour and half. Then the rain stopped long enough to fire up the grills and get everyone fed. Luckily we had plenty of large party tents set up for everyone to eat under and the kids got a couple hours to play in the yard before storm #2 came roaring in. Sigh. Everyone keeps telling me that rain on the wedding day is meant to be good luck to the new couple, so this must mean that Pam and Graham will be happily married for about 300 years based on the rain pummeling down that day.

The West Kootenay Region (where my family all live) had the heaviest rainfall ever recorded for the month of June. There was a recorded 227 millimetres of rain recorded which nearly doubled the old record of 114 millimetres. BC was flooding everywhere and the Columbia River which flows behind my parent's house is the highest its been since they started controlling the water levels with dams! Drinking waters have been contaminated creating states of emergency in many areas of the province. Crazy! I am happy that the sun is out now and that the province is beginning to dry up a bit. The remaining 36 hours of my trip here are to be mostly me laying out in the yard basking up as much sunshine as I can soak in. Oh, it's gonna feel good!

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