Saturday, September 1, 2012

Home, Vancouver, Home Again

It's been one heck of a busy week. Between traveling, unpacking, organizing, re-packing, re-organizing, traveling some's been a bit hectic. I am trying so hard to get organized for school starting on the 4th and I am feeling pretty good about that. Kind of. I'm a bit nervous cause I've never done an online course before, nevermind 3, so I don't really know what to expect. More on that later,

Where to even begin? So a while back I decided to postpone the moving to Vancouver until the end of December because I am able to do the first semester all online so I am going to crash in Trail with my family until then. I can save some money on rent and be able to focus on school that way. I arrived in Trail on Saturday night and feel like I've done nothing but organize since I got here. I have boxes of stuff stashed at my sister's house, plus lots at my parent's house, plus all of the stuff from PEI, so I've been going through it all throwing out the non-essentials and consolidating all of the things that I want to keep. My room has been in a constant state of whirlwind for a week now and I can't wait until it's all tidy. Yeah you'd think that I'd be done organizing by now, but since I sent most of my stuff on the bus from PEI, it only just arrived yesterday so I just go the chance to unpack that. 

Osoyoos, BC
Thursday morning I hit the road again and drove to Vancouver. Many months ago when the plan was to move to Vancouver mid-August, I bought tickets to see Goyte, so it gave me an excuse to go visit the city and play a bit of tourist. The 7 1/2 hour drive is a huge pain in the butt (literally), and right when you start to lose your mental momentum and you want to take a break, there is a moment when you're driving along and you come over a dip in the road and as you're approaching Osoyoos, the mountains seem to grow ahead of you. It's hard to explain but the Okanagan is the desert area of BC and there is a moment in which the mountains just seem to appear suddenly in the horizon and climb higher and higher. It's amazing! Whenever I talked to people on PEI about me being from BC, I'd say that 90% of them tell me that they have always wanted to see BC, and I always tell them to do it because it is an amazing province. There are huge high rocky mountains and dry deserts and lush greenery and freezing cold lakes and warm lakes and the ocean and tiny towns and huge cities and just everything! There's something for everyone. 

Vancouver was a fun time. Between the sight-seeing, shopping and people watching, I always enjoy myself. Plus I spent some time at the Langara College campus since I had to go pick up some textbooks, so that was kind of neat. Very different then what I'm used to, but I like the area of the city a lot. Visiting Granville Island is always on the top of my To-Do List when I visit Vancouver. The Public Market is just to die for. The produce and all of the food available is utterly gorgeous and I always have to walk around several times before I decide what to buy. It's also a very artsy place to visit since the Emily Carr University of Art and Design is located on Granville Island, so there are great little shops to visit there. Case and Point - my new little friend Harold. I saw this guy in one of the shops there and I picked him up and couldn't put him down. He is called an Anibit and was made by a woman named Claudia Segovia who uses old stuffed animals, takes them apart and makes these adorable new critters. Like I said, it was love at first site with this guy. I can't help but smile when I look at him. Plus part of the sales from these critters goes to the SPCA which I fully support. 


My good friend Doug and I went to Gotye Friday night and I was highly impressed by the show. I enjoy his music quite a bit but I didn't really know what to expect from the show. It was instantly apparent that the man is an incredibly talented musician and I could not count on all of my fingers the number of instruments he played (including a melodica!).The percussion throughout the concert blew me away. There were 3 guys playing at the same time at certain points during the show which was a treat. Plus the guy can sing so powerfully and hit every note out there with seemingly little effort. The thing with Gotye is that he's been making music for a long time but only was just recognized by his huge hit Somebody That I Used To Know so he's likely going to be pegged as a One Hit Wonder, which is unfortunate because he's so talented and should be recognized for it. At least that's what I think anyway.  

So after a bit too much drinking and not enough sleeping, I'm back in Trail and trying to organize my life again. There's a good chance I'll procrastinate again tomorrow and do a big hike in the morning/afternoon. Sitting in a car for so many hours is too hard on the butt and legs so getting up a mountain will do me good. Plus I need to space myself from civilization for a while. As beautiful as Vancouver is, it can have that effect on me. 

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