Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Heart Canadian Tire

Have I mentioned how much of a boner I have for Canadian Tire?

I love that store.

I love how it smells. As soon as I walk in, I fill in my lungs with its heavy rubber tire scent and make my way into the aisles in search of the treasures within.

But mostly, I love the sales. Canadian Tire has the most AMAZING sales of pretty much any store in the entire world. You can go into that store and find items that are a ridiculous percentage off and save hundreds of dollars on super wicked items.

There is nothing better than going into a store and finding the item that you are looking for to be on sale. For example, I decided that I wanted to make butter chicken and the recipe that I planned on using asked for a Dutch Oven. I don't own a Dutch Oven and decided to just use a regular pot to make it. But then yesterday when I was heading to the bank, I glanced over at Canadian Tire (right next to my bank) and decided to go take a look at their Dutch Ovens because really, how have I lived this long without owning one? So I headed over and went to the kitchen area to find that all of the Dutch Ovens were 70% off!

70% off. How could I not? It was a clear sign that I could not pass up such a great sale opportunity. I saved $120 on a super wicked bright red Kitchen Aid Dutch Oven.

Like I said, Canadian Tire is the best. If you need to buy something and save copious amounts of money, even if you don't actually need it and just want to feel that fulfilling sensation of getting an amazing deal on something, please to there and take advantage of the sales.

And my butter chicken turned out pretty friggin' good.

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