Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 4 - The Confession

Day 4 of Garbage-Food Eviction 2014 is half way over.

That sounded far more dramatic than I anticipated it to be. To be completely honest, I am not really having a difficult time with this whole no sugar/wheat/dairy cleanse thing this time around. From doing this previously, I know what I can and cannot eat, so I just programmed my brain to accept that I have to steer clear of 95% of the food items found in any grocery store and 99.3% of food items found in a restaurant.

Easy right?

I think I was just so ready to avoid sugary foods for a while and just try to treat my body less like a bag of shit and more like the temple I need it to be if I want to survive this highly polluted society we have created. The key to surviving any kind of cleanse or diet is that you have to be prepared and have snacks available at all times and also know local businesses that supply the kinds of foods that you can go to if you're in a meal pinch. My freezer is full of meals that can be heated up on a moment's notice (plus I bring them to work for my lunches). Last night I was pretty hungry but had quite a bit of time to kill before my dinner date, so I went to cafe that makes fresh juices and I bought a giant vegetable juice to distract my hunger. Delicious and nutritious!

I am very glad that I am not giving up caffeine though. I didn't want to have to deal with that and I also didn't want to put my co-workers through that either. No one likes a caffeine deprived person. Never have I met a pleasant one before. The headaches from the lack of sugar is enough to remind me that going without coffee is not on my priority list any time in the near future. I was actually quite shocked by just how strong the headaches have been the past couple of days. I truly wasn't expecting that...but it goes to show just how much my brain and body relies on that extra surge of caffeine from chocolate and energy from sugar.


I did mess up last night. But in my defence it was a completely innocent screw-up and I can't believe that I overlooked it. I went out to a sushi bar for dinner and we ordered a whole bunch of sushi rolls and shared them. I didn't have the soy sauce or little extras that I knew contained sugar or wheat. I was feeling pretty good about my dinner choice actually. And then this morning as I am walking the dog, it dawns on me that, DUH, sushi rice has sugar added to it. What a bonehead move on my part. I am less-than-impressed with myself at the moment and I didn't want to confess my mistake but alas, I am human and I missed the added sugar to rice scenario.

Well played Azuma Sushi. Well played.

But I have to put that all behind me and just move ahead with the day. Plus I am going to go buy a Blendtec today!!! Hello homemade fruit and veggie smoothies! I am embarrassingly super stoked about this upcoming purchase but c'mon, the thing can blend anything!

Does anyone have any old iPhones I can borrow?

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