Thursday, September 8, 2011

Operation Gas Formation

Today I went on a personal mission to solve a major mystery and I am disappointed to announce that no answer was discovered within the vast research I conducted via the highly reliable and educational Google. Sigh.

Why do apples make me burp?

I am not a burper. I bet most people in my life who see me on a daily basis can count the number of times they have heard me burp on one hand. In fact, I bet most people cannot recall a time in which I have burped in their presence. I am a bit of an oddball since I do no like to burp whereas most people find it profoundly relieving to release that excess gas. I do not enjoy it and for some reason I do not do it very often.

Except when I eat an apple. Within about 30 seconds after consuming this delectable fruit, I always have an uncontrollable burp. Just one, but it's always there.


I read that apples tend to generate more gas in the stomach due to their sugar content which causes burping, but my burp is always a one time deal and immediate after consumption. Would this reaction really happen so quickly?

I am perplexed with this question. I mean, it's really no big deal at all, but the fact that I can't find a scientific explanation is driving me a bit batty. Help?!?

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