Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seed Stereotyping

Here is an interesting story that I read this morning that really made me sit back and think about human nature and what strangeness is happening in the world. The world's largest sperm bank, Cryos International, is no longer accepting "donations" from red-headed men. Apparently the demand for red-headed babies is so low that the company has decided to just stop taking donations that may produce a baby with red hair.


I keep having to stop typing and think about what I want to say on this subject because I guess I just find it so strange that this is even happening. I mean, a part of me definitely understands it in some ways. If a single woman who had really dark hair and eyes wanted to have a child on her own and the baby came out with super red hair and light light skin then she may feel that since the child does not look like her and there was no father to prove where the colouring came from, then she may not feel she has a physical connection to that child. But on the flip side of that, I bet that having a baby grow inside of you for 9 months would create a rather strong connection to that baby, no matter the colouring of hair or skin. Plus there are women who have red hair who are either single or cannot have children with their husband/partner and want a child that resembles herself or her partner so the red-headed donor would be very much needed.

The article also talks about how people with red hair are stereotyped in a negative way (like they have no soul, are untrustworthy and/or have bad tempers) and they do not wish to inflict this reputation upon their child. But then they turn it around and say that when asked, people with red hair would not change their fiery mane if given the chance because it is a part of their identity. Plus there are the good stereotypes that come with being a red-head too! Whenever I think of red-heads I think of my childhood friend Amanda who is this amazing, fun-loving silly person who I just adore. Plus I was envious of her dark red head of hair. Those the the qualities I first think of when I think of a person with red hair. Back in high school I was so angry at her when she put large blonde chunks in it because it took away the uniqueness of her hair.

I also feel that not having a child in fear of him/her being teased or stereotyped is senseless considering people get teased no matter what! A person can be tall, short, fat, thin, big nosed, small eyes, large forehead, flat chested....etc..... People are mean and have low self esteem and they will unfortunately always find fault in other people. Depriving the world of physical diversity is not the answer. It's trying to cure the ignorant that should be dealt with first. I say deny the ignorant and prejudice people from donating well before the Gingers. Cause, I mean...where do you draw the line at who can and cannot donate their sperm?

"I'm sorry sir, but it seems that you eyebrows are a tad too bushy to donate here. We wouldn't want children to resemble any character from Sesame Street now would we?"

Lastly, my boyfriend is a red-head (a very stealth one, but still a red-head) and I think he's super sexy. There are tons of sexy Gingers in this world and I think that a HUGE amount of people would be devastated if they slowly disappeared from society. Hello? The disappearance of Christina Hendricks alone would destroy so many men's fantasy lives. So there!

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