Monday, September 12, 2011

Without Warning

Autumn has arrived on PEI. I constantly made the joke that Mother Nature decided to go from Spring and skip straight into Fall, which is what seemed to have happened. The locals I have talked with agree that this was the rainiest and dreariest summer they have seen in a long long time, and there are plenty of other areas of Canada that had the same kind of summer months. BC had a horribly wet summer as well (worst in 20 years I think I remember reading) but they are fortunate enough to be hit with some hot hot weather now to make up for some of it. Thirty-five degrees sounds pretty nice right now. When September hit, PEI went from 23 degrees to about 12 overnight and stayed well under 20 ever since. Sigh. "Summer" is done. Bring on the snow.

On a happy note, I got a part-time job doing some serving at Holland College a few nights a week. All of our hours at the restaurant got cut back since tourists have all headed home and the restaurant business never thrives much in the off-season. I felt that finding a little extra work might be helpful for that reason. I feel a bit out of my element with this new job considering I've only been a server for a little less than a year and am now going into full-on formal dining in a few days. We're working a 270+ wedding on Friday night which should be a bit of a gong-show but I am looking forward to seeing how it all works out. I'm still having no luck with finding jobs related to my very expensive university degree which is making me re-think my entire life plan these days. I would hate to think that I wasted 4 years of my life going to school only to have to go into a different field because no one wants to give me a chance and even offer me as little as an interview. I also don't want to go back to school for another 4 years to get a new degree because I love nutrition and I think I'm pretty good with it. But, money rules the world and the only way to get money is to get a job and the only way for me to get a job is to get an education that people want to hire for.

Ugh. Woe is me.

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