Thursday, October 20, 2011

Consideration Criticism

For the past 4 years I was using the UPEI gym because all students who go to UPEI are forced to pay a student fee which includes full use of the gym - so since I was being forced to pay I was definitely going to use the facility. As long as I avoided the 3-7pm rush of all the macho guys who like to work out loudly (grunting and breathing heavily) and stare at themselves in the mirrors, then I highly enjoyed the UPEI gym. Lots of room, lots of equipment and friendly people who mainly stick to themselves and let you work out peacefully.

Now that I no longer go to UPEI, I have joined the gym at the Delta, mostly because it is only 1.5 blocks away which is hugely convenient. It's a very old gym with very little equipment and caters quite horribly to the female race since it doesn't have many lighter weights to cater to our delicate lady muscles. Some 12.5 pound dumbbells would be awesome! I mean, the Delta gym is fine for what it is and I get along there nicely. The people are very friendly (a little too friendly in some cases) and most of them seem to be over the age of 60 which is a nice change from all the students swaggering around in their tiny clothes and/or giant muscle egos. These people are there to stay active and be social at the same time. The one thing that bugs me is that they tend to be a bit...inconsiderate at times. I know this sounds a little backwards since it's generally the younger people who can be more difficult to manage, but a hand-full of these seniors like to do what they want and not really care about what you're doing. Obviously this is relating to a select few who are regulars and feel they have some kind of seniority or something since they go there every day.  A lot of them don't wipe down the machines after using them. Gross.

There is this one dude who comes into the weight room, turns off the TV (even though the other guys were watching Sportsdesk in between reps) moves everything around even though if you were using some benches or weights or whatever it may be, puts his favourite blue stationary bike in the middle of the room and starts peddling away.  The first time he did this, I was like, "HUH? Seriously? Just like that?" But he was a bit frightening so I didn't say anything. He has lightly coloured buggy eyes and longish white hair...maybe he's a war veteran or something. Now I just expect him to do this ritual and not even blink an eyelash.

Then there was this one guy yesterday who came into the cardio room and cranked up one of the televisions to full blast (you know, to drown out the music that was playing over the speakers) so that he could watch his 11am soap opera (no joke) while walking on the already noisy treadmill. There were 3 other people in the room, including myself, and we all gave each other the look. The, "Are you seeing this too?" look.  After about 10 minutes I was able to zone out the blasting television but it was just seemed really rude to do such a thing. If you want to watch a television that loudly than I recommend buying a treadmill and sticking it in your living-room.

We all use the gym and we all deserve to have an atmosphere that we can all tolerate and enjoy the use of.  People need motivation to get their butts to the gym so creating an environment that is distracting and not enjoyable is not a great way to promote motivation. There is this thing called "Gym Etiquette" which most people understand and live by, but others are completely oblivious or just don't care. I searched for a good website that outlined the rules and the best I found was at

Here's a quick run-through:
- Return the weights when you're done with them
- Don't hog the machines
- Wipe the machines down after you're done (please!)
- Don't drop the weights --> we know how strong you are...dropping the giant weights for the world to see just how much you lifted is not impressive.
- Spot those who need it
- Don't give advice to others
- Talk sparingly --> Keep it simple - I don't want your life story and I don't want to share mine
- Don't hit on every babe --> I have never been hit on so obviously all of the men I see at the gym are following this rule. . . . .
- No cell phones
- Pick up after yourself
- Don't grunt loudly --> This one makes me oddly uncomfortable. I don't know why.
- Smell good --> I guess the whole BO thing grosses people out
- Be considerate of the water fountain --> That means don't hog it or spit in it or stand there and fill your entire giant water bottle.
- No foul language --> and I also don't want to the story about your sexcapade on the weekend which you speak way too loudly about to your buddy.
- Don't walk in front of the mirrors

Happy Gyming!

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