Friday, November 8, 2013

Plant Praise.....and Mullets.

It's very strange the things that we become personally and emotionally attached to. As children it's things such as a blanket or favourite stuffed animal. The thought of not touching that object at every waking moment was just beyond comprehension therefore mom was likely sneaking it out our beds and tossing them in the wash while we slept oblivious to their absence. As we grow up it can be things such as a favourite hoodie or article of clothing that has sentimental value. Some people become overly attached to their pets and get massive murals created of Mr. Meow or Captain Winky and lovingly hang these above the mantel where they are looked upon with love and pride. Sure the rest of us don't understand why there needs to be a massive 10x10 ft picture of someone's Maltese hanging in the living room when the dog is still alive and sleeping comfortably in his overstuffed bedazzled dog bed just a few feet away...but who are we to judge?

Admit, it. You judge.

My Money Tree
Yes I have a picture!
I seem to become a bit too attached to my plants. Yep, I love my house plants. I don't do things such as sing to them or buy them overly priced organic soil or anything of the such, but I enjoy having plants around and I find them comforting. When I was living in PEI I had a couple plants which I adopted when my roommate Shawn abandoned them. Being the most impulsive consumer that I have ever met, he came home one day with these 2 plants and decided that they would be just what our apartment needed. But it ended up being me who took care of them and brought them back to life when he forgot about them.

After 3 years when organizing to move back to BC, embarrassingly enough, I made a really strong effort to find my plants a good home where I knew they would be loved and nurtured and asked some pretty specific questions to the person to whom I eventually handed them over to. Especially my Money Tree. It almost died once when the heat in the house went out for about a week when we were all away for Christmas and it froze; but I revived it from it's most feeble form! But once I saw the rest of the plants belonging to the girl who I was surrendering my plants over to, I knew they were going to a good home

So now the point of this ramble! Waaaaaaaaay back in the day, the guy I was dating guy at the time had this teeny tiny jade plant which he stuck in a mason jar, with some dirt, and hoped for the best. After some time it outgrew it's jar and we transplanted it into a pot. As plants tend to do, it kept growing. One day while transplanting it again, a branch broke off and I stuck the broken branch into another pot and hoped for the best. If you know anything about these plants you'll know that they are amazingly resilient and will sprout roots in just about anything and survive. So eventually this little branch grew into the plant that I have raised for all of these years.

When I moved to PEI I left the plant with my mom and hoped that she wouldn't kill it (my mom is the best in pretty much every way except for keeping plants alive). Luckily jade plants are amazing and it took more than my mother to kill it.

Love you mom!

My 10 year old Jade Plant. 
Last week my parents came to visit me and they were great enough to pack up the plant and reunite us together again after 5 1/2 long years of separation. Today I bought it a new and bigger pot and am so happy to have it part of my bedroom once again. There's this homey and comforting feeling of it being part of my surroundings again, kind of like the day I finally hung all of my pictures in my bedroom. It's as though a piece of me and my life from BC has come back to me and filled a small gap of what I have been missing since I got back.

I know this will sound silly to a lot of you because yes, it is "just a plant." But I'm cool with you judging me a little for my attachment to my house plants cause I'm totally judging you for holding onto that pair of shoes that were destroyed that one drunken New Year's but you just can't throw away because you kissed that guy that night and hate to get rid of such a memory because maybe, just maybe, the stars will realign and you will cross paths once again.

Uh huh.

And one last thing that has nothing to do with my silly plant love. I saw this on TV and I nearly peed my pants with glee! It's an online dating service called Mullet Passions and it's for people who have or who have a hankering for people who have mullets!!

HEHE! I am a HUGE fan of the mullet and I fear the day that they ever become extinct (hopefully this happens well after I am gone), so I was so pleased that the mullet community has come together to openly share their love for their classic hair-do.  I almost want to join just to see what's going on on there! It makes me so happy!

Maybe if I joined then someday I could be as happy as this couple. One could only wish.

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