Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spoke Too Soon

I am nearing the end of Day 6 of Everything Delicious Deprivation.

Notice the name change?

Today is the first time that I have been really craving something sweet and now that it is on my mind, I am finding it difficult to push it back into the rational part of my mind that knows that I cannot have it. Yesterday my co-workers gave me this big red tin-foiled chocolate star (I’m their “Super Star”) (their words, not mine), and I took it with absolutely zero temptation to break into the wrapper. Big chunk of chocolate sitting on my desk for a good 5 hours. Nothing.

Then today I saw a Quality Street wrapper in a garbage can and now all I can think is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!!

Writing this is not helping matters.

And I don’t even really like Quality Street!

As soon as I feel as though that my will-power super-hero powers have evolved into completion, BAM! Day 6 kicks me in the arse with a strong chocolate foot. I know that I will not give in and that I’ll make it through the day without indulging in my dark, rich, sweet, silky, decadent desires…mmmmm….but it wasn’t easy today. It probably also has a lot to do with being tired. Being tired and slightly lethargic makes me want to curl up with that comforting feeling that chocolate gives me.

On another note, I went out to dinner on Friday night to the new Indian restaurant in town called Turmeric and I am so lovin that place. No I could not eat all of the delectable dishes such as samosa, pakoras and naan bread (*insert drooling) but the menu had lots of options that included items which did not contain dairy or wheat and I was highly impressed with the variety that they offered. I had the Channa Masala which contained chickpeas and, oh man, it was so delicious. I also tried some of the Coconut Curry and the filling for the samosas (also wheat and dairy free) and they were also incredible.

This might be my new favourite place to eat at the moment. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who enjoys this kind of ethnic food. I had the medium heat which was a nice spicy for me. I could have bumped it up to hot since I love spicy foods, but it was my first time there so I felt that I needed to test the spicy waters before jumping in with both feet.

Turmeric. Go. Eat. Love

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