Thursday, February 27, 2014

Men in the News

I'm being overloaded with school work these days, but I needed to stop for a few minutes (you should see my bedroom right now - looks like a 360 degree paper bomb went off around me) to talk about 2 stories that I saw on the news today. It seems the only time that I ever get to watch TV is when I am at the gym, but these stories were interesting enough for me to take the time to discuss them.

So the first one is about beard transplants. Yup. Beard Transplants.

Now I LOVE a good beard. I think my love of beards stems back to the time I lived in Nelson and living in a hippie town full of bearded men just kind of really grew on me. There's something manly about a good beard that I find highly enjoyable. Perhaps it's the fact that women can't grow them so they're kind of a defining masculine feature that make's the male species undeniably unique. Either way, beards are hot.

So now it's cool and trendy to have a beard and unfortunately there are men who wish to ride the hipster bandwagon but cannot sprout a full beard. An unfinished patchy face just isn't going to cut it these days. Luckily for these men, the ones who just happen to have several thousand dollars hanging around, they can have Facial Hair Transplants! Lucky them!

Really?  C'mon guys. Do you really need to move hair from other areas of your body and put it on your face just so that you can look extra cool in your plaid button up shirt and toque? As much as I love a beard, I feel that you just let your natural growth remain where it wants to be and let the real men rock the beards.

Did I just say that out loud? I'm kidding! There are an endless number of super sexy clean shaven men out there who are the definition of manly. If everyone had beards then they wouldn't be special, so I say, keep what you got where you got it.

The second story was about how they are beginning to believe that men also have a Biological Clock. It's not just for the ladies anymore. Women are always talking about their imminent ticking biological clock and their fear of drying up and become a barren wench. Now they are finding that men may also have a biological clock of their own in which the older the man is when he fathers a child, the higher chance that the child will have mental issues or learning disabilities.They also found that children were more likely to have challenges academically and be at a higher risk of developing substance abuse problems.

Crazy! We've been blaming the women for having old eggs all of this time.

The study stressed that not all children born from an older father will have some kind of developmental issue. They just found that the likelihood was shockingly higher (13x higher for ADHD and 25x higher for bipolar disease).

Very interesting stuff.

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