Friday, June 3, 2011

Bitterly Sweet

One day, a good long while ago when I was still a student and studying was high on the priority list, I turned to my good friend and fellow Nutrition student Jess and asked, "Do you get the feeling that we're setting ourselves up for a career choice that will be nothing but us hitting our heads against the wall and being completely unhelpful and ignored by the population?" Those weren't my exact words but you get the drift here. Her response was an enthusiastic, "Every day!"

Today was one of those days I feel like there is no hope for the human race and all I want to do it crawl into a ball and give up. Ok, that was a bit dramatic for sure, but I just sometimes get the feeling that people just do not care about their health or for the science of nutrition and all that it can do for you beneficially if you just give it a chance!

At work this evening I witnessed a girl of about 16 years old add sugar to her glass of rootbeer (insert big frowny face). It was so painful to watch I had to avert my eyes. I overheard her saying to her friends that the ice cubes (all 6 of them!) were diluting the flavour too much, so I guess this means that adding sugar will enhance the flavour of rootbeer?

So here's my thoughts. One can of rootbeer has 29g of sugar in it which is approximately the equivalent to 6 teaspoons for a person to ingest. This cup of pop definitely held a larger volume than a can of regular pop, so I'm guessing at least another teaspoon or two in there. Now add however much she poured in and presto! One good old fashioned sugar rush for the body to deal with. Hello pancreas! Work your magic!

Rootbeer is fat-free so what's the harm? No big deal right?

Oh, hello Type-2 Diabetes! Fancy meeting you here.

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