Monday, June 13, 2011

My Awesome Things

One of my favourite blogs to follow (next to Cake Wrecks of course) is 1000 Awesome Things. If you have never heard of the 1000 Awesome Things website or the 2 books that are based on it, then I highly recommend taking a peek for yourself and enjoy the awesome things that they list because it will make you smile. Most of them I find I can very much relate to, such as today's which is, "when you find the spot on the dog that makes its leg go crazy."

Every so often I think of ones that are applicable to my life. I really should write them down when I think of them because I forget most of them. Here are at least 4 that I have thought of and not surprisingly, most of them are food related:

1) Already having all of the ingredients for the new recipe you found. I love this one and it happened to me today. I was thumbing through a cookbook looking for ideas for dinner when I came across Sesame Hoisin Chicken Wings. Yum. So I grabbed a pen and paper and got ready to make a shopping list. As I scrolled down the list of needed ingredients, I was able to mentally locate where every item was located in the kitchen and when I reached the bottom of the list I realized that not a single item was in need of buying. Not having to go to the store is awesome.

2) When everything on your shopping list is on sale at the grocery store. I guess this can pertain to anything you are in need of buying and not be just for food, but it just seems better when it's food because generally the list is longish and being able to find every item at reduced price just makes ya feel good. Knowing that you made one heck of a dollar-saving grocery list that day is a nice accomplishment.

3) Making the perfect milkshake. This one only happens to me at work where I make many milkshakes every shift. There is a perfect balance between ice cream, sauce and milk that must be made to ensure that the shake is thick and delicious but also the perfect amount to fill the glass. Making too little sucks because you end up having to make a tiny bit more and making too much is just a waste (and a big no-no at work) so when I make the perfect milkshake where it slowly flows out the mixing cup and into the glass and the last drips that come out fill the glass to the's just very satisfying.

4) When you're able to save a falling hula-hoop. I love love love hula-hooping and I own 2 in BC and one here in PEI just so that I will have access to one no matter what side of the country I am on. So there you are, hulaing away and trying not to concentrate too hard on the hip movements when suddenly the hoop begins to fall lower and lower down your torso. Your brain and body begin to panic so you twirl a bit faster and add a little extra tilt to your hips to try to compensate for the loss of control. Then as quickly as things fell apart, it all comes back together when the hula-hoop makes its way back up your body and lands safely at your waist. Whew! What was close!

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  1. Ha!

    1. Your chicken wings smelled DIVINE. I was wondering what you were up to in there. Now I know.

    2. I've actually been thinking of making a hula hoop... an "adult", bigger and heavier one out of tubing. Where do you go to hula hoop? I'm not sure I'd have room in our apartment... but what a fun way to get exercise!