Friday, July 8, 2011

Confessions of a Phobic

I have a confession to make. I am a bathing-suit phobic.

Now I know that this isn't a world changing announcement to make since most women agonize at the idea of stepping into a bathing suit and strutting their bare skin for everyone to see. I have not owned a proper bathing suit in over 6 years and how I let it go this long is beyond me. There's just something about spandex and muffin tops that makes me cringe when I think about it in regards to my body. I have been like this for as far back as I can remember. Going bathing suit shopping is always a chore and I find a flaw in every suit I try on and give up far before I have exhausted even a tiny percentage of the bathing suits available. I think I watched way too much Baywatch as a kid. Damn that was a good show.

Confession #2 - Two days ago was the first time I have gone to the beach since living on this island. I know, I know. Many jaws have hit the floor considering PEI is famous for it's amazing beaches and of course, the Atlantic Ocean that it's coast rests upon. A couple times I have gone to the beach to have a short walk with a friend and once I went with Kaylynne to jump in the ocean (but this was in April and we were only there for about 10 minutes). This time I went and stayed for about 3 hours with a group of friends and soaked up lots of sun. One problem. Going to the beach is a bit awkward when you don't have a bathing suit.

So today I went on a mad mission to find myself a bathing suit. The first thing I had to do was be honest with myself. Ok, I am not a horrible ugly beast who will make young children cry if they see me in spandex. I am a respectable looking person who has some physical flaws but am more than acceptable to the human eye. Ok good, I'm getting somewhere. Now, my next step is to break down the physical components of a bathing suit and figure out what it is that I don't like about them and what I need in a suit that I will be comfortable wearing. One piece or two? Chris really wants me to get a 2-piece (guys....) so I will do that for him. I can handle that I think. Next, bikini bottoms or shorts? I can hear Chris screaming, "Bikini Bottoms!" but once again, I have to be realistic about this. I would feel super uncomfortable in bikini bottoms so I will meet this half way and go for a bikini top but with shorter shorts.

I set out on my mission with lots of ideas of places to go and, with my trusty bus pass in hand, I hit every store and mall I could think of in the Charlottetown area. I tried on lots of suits and when I thought I found "the one" I would realize that the bottoms were too long or a bit too baggy so I would go back out and find something that got me more out of my comfort zone. I found some shorts that I really like and have to go back out to find a top to match. So I have 50% completed my mission and am proud to say that by the end of the weekend I should own a bathing suit to call my own. Horray!


  1. Yay!!! You've discovered the secret to being happy in your bathing suit... searching until to you find one that suits your body and that you're comfortable in. There are lots of options out there (although less on the island). I opt for short bottoms and bikini tops too. And as weird as it might seem, 2 pieces are often more flattering than one pieces. The key, for me anyways, is to find a bottom with a wide band that doesn't cinch... that's when you get your muffin top. And nobody wants that.

  2. Don't feel too bad , I haven't seen your Mom in a bathing suit in at least that long...maybe since our Kokanee Creek days!