Sunday, July 31, 2011

Internet Deficiency

Coming to BC is always great and I am happy in my lovely home province. The one downfall is that I don’t have internet at my parent’s house so I am not only cut off from the online world and news but am also forced to be rendered unable to write in my blog. Ok, I’ll admit that I kind of like the down-time from blogging but sometimes I get all excited about something in my life but can’t share it with the world!

I got home on the 20th and have been kept busy the entire time. My sister’s wedding was on the 23rd and it was a lovely event. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to share yet because we are waiting to get them from the photographer. I didn’t even attempt to take pictures because I knew I would be too busy to put much effort into it, plus Amy hired someone to do it and I’m sure that she did a hugely better job at it then I ever could. Still, waiting to see them is painful! Everyone looked so gorgeous and there was no major drama to tell about. Amy and Jer have been together for about 10 years, have a house and a daughter already, so this partnership is well committed. The whole wedding was more just about, “it’s about bloody time!” kinda thing. But the whole event was still highly enjoyable.

The weather has been hit or miss (mostly miss) but we’ve been getting some sun the past couple days. It seems that the sun is out and blazing early in the mornings when I am walking the dogs but then the clouds take over in the afternoons and evening. Me, Chris, Amy and Cadance all went to Champion Lake yesterday for a few hours in hopes of some good sunshine. A few clouds interfered with my already dreadful tanning attempts, but other than that it was great! The rope swing was as fun as ever!

On my first couple days here I bought two books and have already completed one of them. Finding novels for 40% off is such an exciting experience, especially when they are ones that you have wanted to read for such a long time. I just finished Potia de Rossi’s memoir Unbearable Lightness and am now into Stuart McLean’s Extreme Vinyl Café. Portia’s book was of huge interest to me since it was her story about her journey through anorexia and bulimia as well as struggling with her closeted sexuality and the impact it would have on her family and highly successful career. This book just sucked me in right from the beginning and had jaw dropping stories that made me feel so sad for this woman and for all people who struggle with eating disorders. At one point she was down to 82 pounds! I could talk about this book for a good while so I will drop it at that and just tell everyone to go out and buy the book. All I can say is that I have no problem with the issue of extreme dieting. I have been eating so much. Food just seems to taste better out here. Maybe it's just my mom's cooking. Just as soon as I think my belly gets a chance to rest, another family member invites us over for a giant meal. But I'm not complaining!

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