Monday, July 18, 2011


I have 300 things to get done in the next day and half but yet here I am, blogging. My sister Amy is getting married on Saturday so I am flying home on Wednesday for a 2 week visit with the family. I am looking forward to this trip so much! Plus the weather is supposed to get really hot when I arrive (which is common since I tend to be a good luck charm in terms of weather when going home), so that should make the trip that much better. Chris is coming along as well but he's coming 2 days later - but still, better late than never! It will be the first time in our relationship where we will be in the same place at the same time where neither of us have a job to go to. I have just come to the realization that it will be like a real vacation! WOW! Plus there will be a wedding involved which makes it just that much better.

A couple days ago I came to a shocking realization that I have to share. So, I have spoken more than once about my slight obsession with mullets. They fascinate me. I am excited to announce that I learned of a new mullet! It's the "Didn't Know You Had A Mullet Mullet." There is a man who comes into my work all of the time and he sits at the bar where we always have long conversations or at least a friendly "hello" if I'm too busy to stay and chat. He always wears a baseball cap so I never once thought about his hair which is surprising considering he always wore it a tiny bit long in the back. Then the other day he takes off his hat for the first time ever while in my presence and BAM! The mullet is revealed! I tried not to stare but was a good one. I was thoroughly impressed to say the least. I was also slightly ashamed of myself for being that close to such a good haircut on such a regular basis and never being able to sniff out the true mullet that was before me.

I hope I never get tired of talking about mullets or getting excited when I see a new one. They are just too good not enjoy.

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  1. My mom has a pseudo mullet!!!! I can't WAIT for you to see it!