Saturday, February 11, 2012

So Easily Distracted

It's been a semi-busy week and I've been enjoying myself the past few days. I made a short-term decision with the whole gym membership problem I was having and I am at peace with it. I went down to Atlantic Fitness Centre on Kent Street, which is conveniently only a couple blocks from my apartment, and told them that I was interested in a membership. The lady gave me a day-pass to try out the space and see if it was a good fit for my exercising needs. Even though the space is small, I'll admit that I loved that first day and since the price was way cheaper than what I was paying at Delta, I ended up buying a 2 month membership to try it out a bit longer. They have a huge pilates/fitness class studio that only gets used a couple hours a day for classes and it's available for everyone when it's empty so I just use that space whenever I can to avoid all the busy cardio machines and muscly gym dudes. Super convenient. Members also get to attend any classes at no extra cost at the Kent Street and Garfield Street location, as well as have full access to the huge gym on Garfield.

As for my lingering hot yoga obsession, I decided to buy a 30-day trial membership at Moksha Yoga Charlottetown. For all first time users to the studio (which is me), it's only $40 to get unlimited access to all of their yoga classes for 30 days. I walked down there this morning to buy the pass and try out my first hot yoga class at their studio. It was a 90 minute class, which I have actually never attempted before, and it was a totally different experience from my usual Dynamic Fitness hot yoga. The studio is quite large and there are lots of windows which makes the space very bright. The studio at Dynamic is somewhat small, is down in the basement of the building and is kept quite dark - which I definitely prefer. I think I like the darker room because it keeps my eyes from wandering around the room at other people and allows me to listen to the instructors better and concentrate more on what I am doing. Plus I accidentally put my mat at the front of the studio (thought it was the back!) which is something I hate when I do yoga in a studio with mirrors. I find it incredibly distracting to be that close to my reflection during yoga and I end up having a harder time maintaining my balance sometimes. Plus, some people look for guidance from their yoga peers to see if they're doing it right and I hated knowing that a lot of people behind me would be looking at me during pose changes which would do them no good since I did not know the instructor's method yet. When you go to the same instructors repeatedly, you get to know them and know their routines and how they like to do things. I was the most lost out of everyone there and was a bad model to be at the front of the class. PLUS! The front of the studio had a lowered ceiling so my hands couldn't extend all the way up when we had to reach overhead! That was the most distracting thing of all! But, it was a learning experience and I plan to use my 30-day trial as much as possible.

After yoga and breakfast, I met up with my friend Sarah and we went and had some coffee at Beanz which has quickly become my new favourite coffee bar. After my first detox back in December, I officially decided to stop drinking soy milk and now use almond milk. To all you people who don't drink milk and don't like soy milk, I highly recommend almond milk. It's much easier on the digestive system and even though I only drink the unsweetened version, it has a naturally sweet flavour and is honestly really yummy. Beanz recently started offering almond milk as an option to their customers and I was pumped when I found out! Plus they are trying really hard to accommodate a lot of people's needs by offering gluten free pasta salads, sandwiches and sweets, plus lots of vegetarian options and specialty items that look delicious. Way to step it up Beanz!

After coffee, we wandered around town looking at all of the amazing shoe sales happening at several shoe stores around town. I ended up buying myself a pair of incredibly hot ankle boots which I am stoked to wear in the near future. Purrrrrr. Plus they were 50% off to boot!  

See what I did there...... that's a pun.

I got completely carried away with this blog post since my whole reason of writing today was to tell a quick story relating to my previous post about cell phone etiquette. My friend sent me an email telling me a story about a group of people who work with her husband. These people all go out for business lunches several times a week and they have this rule which I love love love! There is a strict no cell phone policy at these lunches so everyone has to put their phones on silent and stack the phones in the center of the table. The first person to touch his/her phone during the meal has to pay for everyone's lunch. Isn't that great? I thought it was too wonderful to not share. Horray to you business lunch people whom I have never met but have great cell phone etiquette while out at lunch. Way to go!

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  1. Love the cell phone idea, gonna do that the next family dinner we have!