Friday, February 24, 2012

You Can't Say I Didn't Try

I've been a bit MIA the past few days. I got an email early in the week from the Moncton Hospital saying that they wanted to set up an interview with me for their internship program. By the time I got the email and called, there was only one spot left which was at 2pm on Friday (today) and I have been basically obsessing about the interview since the moment I ended the phone call and realized that I only had a few days to prepare. And prepare I did! I work every day through the week so as soon as I would get home from work, I would lock myself into my study dungeon, aka the living-room and being preparing questions and answer for any kind of scenario they may have asked.

That was when I fell upon this puppy, the Interviewing Handbook: Dietetic Internships which is 55 page document of the do's and dont's for a dietetic internship interview and includes lots of possible questions and scenarios that may come up. Now 55 pages is a lot of information to take in so I sifted through what I felt was the best stuff, copy and pasted it into Word and began creating my answers to the best of my capability. It was a lot of work to get it all done in time and still have time to read it all over and store in my memory what I came up with for responses to my pages and pages of notes. However, it felt really good to bust out my textbooks and re-learn all of the wonderful knowledge that has been leaking out of my brain the past many months. The stuff is a lot easier the learn the second time around ;)

So the trip to Moncton began early in the morning since I am a bit of a neurotic spazz when it comes to getting to places on time. My co-pilots Jess and Sam came along for the ride and we played games the way there to help me take my mind off of the impending life-changing interview lurking closer and closer as the day progressed. After taking only a few wrong exits (Sam tends to panic at the idea of missing exits so randomly picks them to make sure we didn't go too far), they dropped me off at the hospital and went on their merry way while I sat in the cafeteria and re-read my notes and stared off into nothingness. By 2 o'clock I was shaking the hands of 4 pleasant women who now have my future in their hands. The women who interviewed me were all truly very friendly and encouraging and made me feel at ease throughout the 40 minutes I shared the room with them. I will admit though, except for one question that I got completely hung up on because I did not understand exactly what they were asking, I think the interview went really well. I remained calm and some of the questions they asked came word for word out of that handbook. Word for word! It was pretty awesome when one would begin to speak and she wouldn't even have to finish the sentence before I knew how it would end and I would have my pre-planned answer just waiting to burst from my lips. Of course I would sit there for an extra couple of seconds and act as though I was thinking of a thoughtful answer to what she asked, but really, I was stoked that I was ready and excited to say what I needed to say. Obviously there were some questions that weren't what I was expecting but I think I did alright with those. Overall, I feel good about what I accomplished today. I tried my darndest and even if I do not get offered an internship with Moncton Hospital, no one can say that I didn't try.

One thing we did not try today though is finding proper directions to Costco. Damn roundabouts.


  1. how long do you have to wait before you get an answer? Good Luck!!

  2. Hopefully by mid-March I will get a call back telling me how great I am and that they want me :) Thanks for the encouragement!