Thursday, June 7, 2012

Big News!

Well, it's about time that I announced that in August I will be moving to Vancouver! A couple months back I applied to a course out there and after a few hiccups (meaning me forgetting to send some kind of important document on 2 separate occasions), I got the acceptance letter and have been daydreaming every day since. I've even already bought tickets to a Gotye concert at the end of August in Deer Lake Park. Maybe I shouldn't be counting my hens quite yet and buying tickets to concerts on the opposite side of the country, but I just couldn't help it. I even have a date to the show and everything!

The course is Nutrition and Food Service Management which basically teaches students who are looking to run a food service establishment in the health sector but does not necessarily limit them to that select field . Obviously if I could have it my way, I would have been accepted for an internship placement and be on my way to becoming a dietitian, but I decided a while back that if I was not accepted this year then I would move onto something else since my plans were not working out in my favour. I'm done sulking and wishing things could be different and knew that I needed to make a change to change my life. I am hoping that Vancouver is the change that will get me on my feet and be the successful person I know I can become.

So that's my news! My family is obviously stoked that I am heading back to the west coast again and my PEI people are sad that I am leaving but understanding that there is little for me here in terms of a career and work opportunities. I am overwhelmed at the amount of planning and packing that I have ahead of me since I really don't have that much time to figure it all out...but as always, I'll get it done. I am also overwhelmed at the idea of living in a city as huge as Vancouver because I have never lived anywhere even remotely that highly populated and I know my small-town brain will be in shock for a long time after my arrival, but I embrace the change ahead of me.

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  1. Adrienne..that is wonderful news! Congrats to you...I know your parents have to be beside themselves to have you close to home again.Good for you! and sorry for you too!