Saturday, June 23, 2012

Superb Simplicity

A couple days before I jumped on my flight to head back to BC, my boss asked me, “So what’re you looking forward to the most when you head back home?” After quick deliberation, I replied easily, “Doing nothing. I am looking forward to being able to lay out in the backyard and read my book without having to cut the chapter short to make it to work on time.”

As much as I would love to go on the kind of vacation that involved traveling to tropical islands or historical places of interest, I always really enjoy just coming home and having no expectations or pre-planned coordinated events to fill my days from beginning to end. The past couple of days have been simplicity at its best and it has been such a welcoming feeling. The first day I was home I took the dogs for a little walk with my 4 year old niece and for that 20 minutes we were out there, our conversation ranged in various topics such as tiny flowers, turtles, dogs, and why some trees are small and some are big. Talking about things that are so simple and lacked any complexity for my brain was such a nice change from talking to adults about adult problems. Politics, relationships and health issues can weigh us down so much that we forget to think about awesome things like tiny flowers and turtles!

Simplicity is something we take for granted and I have really been enjoying doing things such as picking fresh spinach from the garden and baking muffins for my grandma who is recovering from back surgery.  Going out and taking Splash for nice walks has been fantastic cause she’s such a ball of sunshine and entertainment. One of my favourite moments when I take her out is that minute she stands and waits to see if we’re going to head down the bank to where her favourite swimming spot is. She always gets there before I do so when I come around the bend in the trail and see her standing at the top of the bank, her eyes are so alert and full of expectation. She’s waiting for me to give her the signal that we’re going down to the water to have some fun and when I give it to her, her eyes light up and she runs full throttle down the steep rocks and waits at the water’s edge for me to catch up and find a good stick. Seeing a dog be completely happy chasing a stick into the river over and over and over again always brings me to a place in my head that lets me appreciate simple happy things.

Speaking of simple happy things, have you ever been to Star Grocery in Trail BC? If not, go there right now! This little store has been located deep in the Gulch for as long as I can remember but I had never ventured in until yesterday. It is packed full of delicious looking Italian foods, fresh meats and cheeses plus a butcher in the back who will cut your meat for you while you watch. Talk about fresh! My dad has been buying his meat there for years but I was never around whenever he went in, so I am delighted that I got to go in yesterday with him. The shelves full of canned and pickled vegetables made me so happy. I wanted it all. Italian food at its best! 

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