Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cashing in Credit

We're our own worst critics and I am the first to admit that I never give myself enough credit. I have been trying really hard to work on getting compliments by saying things such as, "Thank-you!", rather than, "Oh really? You think?" Just accepting your own inner awesomeness is a great mind-set to get into.

Apart from the quick 4km rides to work at Outriders on Sunday mornings, yesterday was my first real bike-ride of the season. I first want to point out that I cannot believe that it took me until June 18th to get out there and go on a ride that lasted longer than 15 minutes. That is just sad in my books. I am more of a morning biker and working mornings 5x a week was cramping my style. Plus the weather hasn't been working in my favour either! My days at work have been full of sunshine while my days off are dreary and damp.

No more excuses! Even though I didn't get on the trail until 4:30pm, I was ready and set to get out there and enjoy the lovely evening we were having. I contemplated going to hot yoga instead (which is another reason I haven't been getting on the bike) but decided that enough was enough and I needed to get the legs moving after sitting behind a desk all day. My plan was to do 30km since I knew that it was only my first ride of the season and I probably wouldn't be wanting to go too far the first time out. When I got to the 15km point, aka the turnaround mark, I just wanted to keep going. I felt great! The weather was gorgeous, the trails were clear and my legs wanted more (although the butt was starting to suffer slightly already).

I am really proud of myself for going 40km yesterday. I wasn't expecting to go that far and it was a boost of confidence for my physical health since I haven't been on the bike since last September. People ask me where I get the drive and what my motivation is to stay healthy and physical, and I must say that days like yesterday are what keep me going. Honestly, it is not about a dress size or what the scale says in the morning. It's a really great feeling when your body responds the way you want it to, even if just at a level that surprises you from time to time. I know that I can't run a marathon or paddle a kayak for 20kms, but knowing that my limits aren't completely defined and that I can keep getting better if I really try, is a nice feeling to have. I don't give myself enough credit, so today I'm going to take some and keep it in my back pocket for the next time I do something really dumb...then I can take out the credit and remind myself that I'm not a complete screw-up.


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