Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Educationally Sterile

There's a lot of random topics that I want to talk about and I don't know where to begin. Do you start with the serious and move to the light-hearted topics, or do you start with the happy and end on a dark note? I guess I will start serious because I know that people are just dying to hear about what I am going to talk about right now. The verdict is out on the who did and who did not get accepted for a dietetic internship, and yes, I was denied one. Was I expecting this outcome? Yeah I was actually. Was I ready for this outcome? Nope, not at all. I've been preparing myself for a while now to be rejected from the program because there are some things that I have stacked against me in terms of what they are looking for. If I did get it, I wasn't even sure if I was going to accept it. I would have felt awful to get it, only to turn it down knowing that there were other people who really really wanted it. But in the end, it's still a really shitty feeling to get denied this. The best way to explain it is when a woman who wasn't planning on having children finds out one day that she is sterile and will never be able to conceive. Even though she never intended to ever get pregnant, now that she learns that she actually cannot ever get pregnant, there's a huge sense of loss and mourning. The next aspect of this which is both entertaining and a bit insulting is that people seem to be treating me like I have some incurable disease. They don't know how to approach me to talk about it, so they just pretend that it doesn't exist and ignore the fact that it even exists. I'm going to just leave it at that for now. The world sucks sometimes but we chug on through. Life goes on and so am I :)

Next topic is a little lighter in detail, but is not for the squeamish. We officially have mice in the house. Yeah, not cool. I mean, I'm all for living in harmony with nature and all that, but when they chew into your delicious box of cereal, then things have got to change. I think the plan as of right now is that the landlord is going to try to figure out where they are getting into the house and set traps. But don't worry to all of you avid animal lovers. They will be humane traps and we will drive the captured mice to the country and let them go where they will live out the rest of their days playing in the fields and sleeping in barns...this is at least what Kaylynne is dreaming for these little critters anyway. I think that if this fantasy is to come true then she is going to have to drive them out there herself and set them free. Me, I'd just donate them to some of the hungry cats in the neighbourhood and let nature take it's course. I think I just lost a few followers with that last comment. People are gasping and writing hate letters to me as this very second. I can feel the disdain.

I recently read some really interesting stuff about pheromones and I thought it would be cool to hear to feedback of this. Basically what I'm learning is about research that they have done on humans with pheromone manipulation and the attraction response from other people as a consequence. They take odourless underarm secretions from heterosexual men and women, and from gay men and women, then other people evaluate the pleasantness of the pheromones not knowing what they are or who they came from. Heterosexual men gave homosexual men's secretions the lowest possilbe ratings whereas homosexual men gave heterosexual men the lowest ratings....and so on with results that follow the same pattern. Researchers are saying that our pheromones may help us to find people who are potential future sexual partners. So now I'm thinking what about all of this junk that we are adding to our bodies to mask our natural body odours? We are covering up the very essence of what may be the last of our basic raw animal instincts with artifical scents and antiperspirants. Instead of natural pheromones attracting us to the people that are biologically compatible, we're becoming attracted to the trivial and external features that get our blood pumping (like looks, clothes, cars...etc). I wonder what the sales of perfumes and deodorants were at when divorce rates suddenly skyrocketed?

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  1. Adrienne...I am sorry you didnt get an internship. That sucks..but you know the old line.."for every door that closes another one opens" you are a smart woman, you will land on your feet and end up doing something you love. hang in there! and yeah..those mice...that field in the country...some owls are gonna love that!!