Monday, January 11, 2010

The Story of Sam

Whenever I don't want to do homework when I know that I should be, I always end up resorting to distraction from the same source: Sam. I met Sam when we were in our first year at UPEI. We both lived on third floor in "New Res" and I liked Sam right from the start. She is bubbly and adorable, also from way out-of-town as I am, and we got along swimmingly from the very beginning. First year is always stressful because you have no idea what to expect when it comes to course load, grouchy professors and horrible cafeteria food, so whenever I was in need of a distraction, I always headed to Sam's room where I would plop on her bed and interrupt whatever she was up to at the moment. We would talk about school, friends, work, boys, basically anything that was on our minds. The great thing about her is that she would always stop what she was doing and take the time to talk to me. I think she knew that once I vented then I would get out of her space and allow her to get back to work.

When we returned in September for second year, it turned out that we were neighbours once again, but instead of living down the hall from one another, this time only a wall separated our bedrooms. Sure, this was inconvenient for me since her family always called right around the time that I was heading to bed and Sam has a very distinct talking voice (she knows how much I love her and that this won't offend her at all), but on the flip-side it was convenient for her and her roommate since I was always bringing them baked goods (another major source of distraction from schoolwork - baking!) Overall, the fact that we were so physically close helped me a lot. Instead of having to walk all the way down the hall, I just had to step out my door and knock on hers...which of course always lead to me plopping on her bed and another vent-fest would occur.

I hadn't even planned on talking about Sam or sharing all of this somewhat useless information, but today I did the usual bed plopping scenerio, the first time this semester, and it just got me started on the topic of my school procrastination process and my overall love and devotion for my good friend. We now rent a house together and are getting along quite well! Living with friends can be monumentally tricky and must be handled with extreme care and caution. Friendships can easily be ruined through the experience, something which has happened to me in the past and I didn't want repeated this year. But like I said, so far we have been able to balance our diverse personalities and not get on each other's nerves too badly (at least in my opinion. For all I know they may be planning my death at this very moment).

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