Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cell phones still confuse me.

I think I have to break down this entry into sections because it's been a fair amount of days since I last wrote and I don't want my thoughts and stories to get all blurbed into one giant paragraph.

Wednesday the 20th: A rather uneventful day. I started it with a new DVD (chest, shoulders, triceps + ab ripper) from P90X which was exciting. Starting week 5 was exciting because there are new workouts in this week and the anticipation of what is yet to come is always great! It's like Christmas day, but instead of getting a wicked new ninja turtle action figure, you get to destroy muscles that you honestly had no idea even existed in the human body. When did this trade off happen??? I had only one class that day, plus foods lab as well. All I have to tell you people is to never bake with sucralose, even if your life depends on it. If a doctor is standing over you while you lay on your death bed and says "if you want to live, all you have to do is eat this sucralose infused muffin..." just chose the route to death. Honestly, whether you end up in heaven or hell won't matter because either place will have better food. During lab we all started talking about the internship interviews which were starting the next day, and Faye (lab instructor) started telling us that we had to sell ourselves as much as we could and to BE READY for the clinical questions. When she mentioned this, all I could think was "HOLY EFF! The clinical questions!" Somehow, please do not ask me how, I had blocked the whole clinical questions section from my memory and honestly had not thought about that aspect of the interview at all up to that point. A trickle of sweat beaded down my neck at this point.

Thursday the 21st: The day of the interview had arrived. I woke up feeling a bit more nervous, but I'd already come to the point in my mind-set where I knew that I would either get the internship or not, and in the end I had no control over what the panel of judges would decide. All I needed to do was bring my "A" game to the interview and do my best (and forget the rest). Of course I had a class at 8:30 am, and with the interview not until 11:15, I decided to go the class and try to take my mind off of it. Ha, yeah right. I do not remember a single aspect of Community Nutrition from that morning. Jennifer could have been passing out winning lottery tickets and my brain would still have been in a whole nother realm. I do remember all of a sudden the class being over and I woke out of my day-dream to find her telling us to make sure that during the interviews we knew why we were the best, the smartest, the most adaptable.... and I left the room thinking, "why am I the best?" I had an hour and a half to think that over before the interview. I had a complete opposite reaction to the interview as I normally do to these kinds of situations (please refer to my previous discussion about public speaking). Instead of being calm and then crazy nervous, I was nervous while waiting to get in the room, and when they finally called me in, this calm came over me and everything was fine. Yeah, I buckled on a couple questions and I'm kicking myself for saying one thing when another answer would have been so much better, but it's done and over and I did the best that I could. Only time will tell (a week or so) until we all find out who they chose. I got to spend the afternoon/evening with Chris which is always great. We do not get to see each other as much as we would like to because I am the asshole who always has to be doing homework and assignments, therefore he has to occupy his time elsewhere because the guy is just too distracting to get any work done around. But like I said, it was awesome to be able to spend some time together. It was also great to feel no guilt about not doing a single shred of homework that night. I felt I deserved it since I survived the interview.

Friday the 22nd (Mom's birthday): Another new DVD! (Back and Biceps). Great way to start the day. Only one class on Fridays which is wonderful. I did find it slightly hard to stay awake in class, especially since I knew that I had to head to work directly from class. Work was pretty decent though. It was really quiet for most of the night which is torture when you have plans for when you get off work. But I did get to close with Sarah which is a nice change. No crazy people in the store either which was also a bit of a relief. Even though the crazys make the job interesting, it's hard to deal with them day after day. After work I rushed home to get ready to go out. In celebration for the ending of the interviews, a bunch of us from the program all decided to go out and have some fun. A group of girls came over to our house for some pre-bar drinks and chat. I love the people I go to school with. They're a pretty awesome group of people for sure. We ended up all heading to the Olde Dublin where there was a band playing (I was not a fan at all but the company was good nonetheless). Chris showed up near the end of the night...I think he may have been a bit overwhelmed by a bunch of drunk nutrition students all talking about catheters and enteral tube feeding, but he was a trooper as always. The night ended with a near fight with our table and a 60+ year old woman who was badmouthing us for reasons we cannot fathom. Our best guess is that she thought Chris was someone else...someone who was apparently "a big idiot who hung out with five of the stupidest people she had ever seen" (her words, not mine!). I would love love love to know what was going on there. I'm also thinking that the extreme amount of mascara that she was wearing was altering her eyesight, as well as the probable large quantities of rum and diet cokes she was likely pounding back all night. Weird situation indeed. But I did learn a few things last night. 1) You are always going to run into the last person you want to at the exact moment you don't want to. 2) I don't get to hang out with Lexy enough. 3) I have a nice ass. 4) Never have bottles on the table when Sam is drunk and telling stories. 5) Cell phones still confuse me.

Congratulations to Gill and Ralph who are expecting a baby boy in the Spring!

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