Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friends vs. Power Control

So I'm faced with a new and small dilemma. Nothing major, just something else to preoccupy my mind. My boss wants to know if I want to continue working one shift a week to maintain my status as an employee at the store because she has magically made this new rule that if someone quits or leaves for some reason, then he/she is gone for good and your job is gone forever. But if I work one shift a week then I can stay on as an employee and if I ever want to have more shifts again in the future when I have more time, then I am free to ask for them. Hmmmm. When I first heard of this new "rule", I scoffed and thought that it was just a bitter way of threatening disgruntled employees. The absolute worst thing is to be threatened by someone who thinks that they hold supreme power over you. It's just so uncool. The one thing that is making me think that I should do the one shift a week is so that I can still hang out with my cooworkers. They're defintely worth the hassle. Plus I would really love to keep my 50% discount. Any thoughts???

Last night was Open Mike night at Baba's Lounge (PEI's smallest, yet most popular place to hear a good live band play). Chris decided that he would sign up for Open Mike for the first time ever, and it was really exciting. I've been trying to get him to go for a while now, and his friends have been badgering him about it too. He keeps saying, "oh next week, next week I'll go," but of course never does. So finally after beating him into submission he got down there last night and put his name on the list. It was just awesome to see him up there singing his own music and sounding soooo good (even though he has a cold and claimed that his voice was being an asshole). No one even noticed that he was hoarse at all. He said that he absolutely loved it...I am guessing that he is welcoming a new addiction into his life as of last night; playing live! I am hoping that he makes it a weekly thing to go play and sing every Wednesday, because it's nice to wear a shit-eating grin for the 10-12 minutes he's up there. That type of grin only comes out on special occasions, and if I am able to experience it once a week, then that would be great!


  1. can ya fit one day a week in for a shift? might be a welcome distraction when things get crazy or should I say crazier again. and it never hurts to have an extra dollar or two.

  2. It's very true. I am also going to working as a student research assistent on campus, so I'm not hugely worried about the $$ aspect of it all. I think it's more of my sanity when it comes to the work environment at the store in terms of management. I have one day to decide!