Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Insert Proclaimers Lyrics

Living so incredibly far from home (approx. 5200 kms) can be hard. I miss my family, my friends, the mountains, the lakes, the beer, and of course, the hippies. Gotta love the hippies. So, the one pleasure I have here in PEI that keeps me somewhat sane is my collage of pictures on the wall in my bedroom. Every so often I get a bunch of new pictures printed and add them to my ever growing wall of people, all of whom I whole-heartily love and adore. I haven't added any new pics since just after Halloween, so it was exciting to be able to tape up a few new ones today. Being so busy with school and work, I forget to put aside the few minutes it takes to go to Shoppers and print digital photos. You'd think that I'd be avoiding getting a Pap or something, because it just seems to inconvenient to take 10 minutes to get it done. But now my wall is a little fuller and my smiles come a little easier. It's a good day.

Tip of the day: Sitting for long periods of time is bad for the bum! Ouch!

Today I had to write two exams. Originally there were three scheduled for today, but I have an swesome Prof who actually cares about her students and their incredible work-loads, so she gave us the option to write either today or on Friday. I chose to put it off until Friday because three tests in one day is just uncool. Sure it would be great to have all three over with, but passing would be even better! I didn't do very well at all on the first test today :( I think I somehow completely overlooked the section of gastric surgeries and effed that up pretty good. But I'm pretty sure that I rocked my Human Sexuality mid-term. Hopefully anyway. I left there feeling pretty confident...but then again that doesn't mean anything a lot of the time. Nah. I rocked the shit out of that test. High five!

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