Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the Road Again....

The past 5 days have been a complete whirl-wind and I can't believe I flew to BC and back in such a small amount of time. No, I don't recommend anyone doing such a short trip with such a long distance in between start-to-finish. Going to BC always screws with my internal clock and it usually takes about 4-5 days before I start to feel semi-normal again. Only being there for 2 days wasn't easy since I had no time to catch up on sleep, and I was back on a plane before I had any chance to get my bearings straight. I did have a good power nap on the bench at the airport in Toronto, but some other dude sleeping on the floor a couple feet from me woke me up with his snoring. That's just not nice. Not only was he getting a far better sleep than me, he just had to rub it in my face as well.

So the flight there was uneventful, which is a good thing. I landed in Kelowna on time, with my dad waiting for me :) After long flights I am always famished because I don't eat much when I travel, and for some reason, every restaurant/fast food place in Kelowna closes before 11pm on a Saturday night, unless you want KFC of McDonalds.... so I ended up chowing down a not-so-tasty sandwich from 7-11 (I know, I know, but sometimes we just have to do these things!) and off we went for the trek back to Trail. Spending time in the car with my dad is always a good time. He never cares about the music I chose to listen to, and we always chat and jabber at each other until we reach our destination. I love my dad. We got home around 3am, where I was greeted with an overly excited Rizzo. I tried so hard to keep her quiet, but I can't help but laugh at her as she groans and grunts at me while trying to nip at my nose and rub herself all over me.

After a few hours of sleep I woke up to an amazing day. The temperature in BC both days I was home was at least 9 degrees, which was just awesome to come home to. Sure, it's gorgeous in PEI right now as well, but it ain't 9-10 degrees outside. Sunday was pretty chill. I watched a lot of the Olympics on my dads giant big screen TV. Oh man! Now that is the way to watch the Olympics. My dad should be selling tickets on the street so people can have a chance to watch it like that. My heart nearly broke in half when Chris Del Bosco bailed on that very last run in the Freestyle Skiing! I part of me died when I saw him lose control. I think pretty much every Canadian felt the same as I did at that moment. Poor guy.

That night we had my grandma and aunt, Pam, Graham, Amy and Cadance all over for dinner. Man I miss home cooking! My dad even fired up the BBQ which made my day. I haven't had BBQ in a long, long, long time. The next morning was the interview + drug test + fitness test + eye exam. I hope I passed all of them! The process took a little over 2 hours, which I think was really quick compared to most the candidates. I think that they were so tired of doing the endlessv interviews the entire previous week that they put us through as fast a humanly possible, which was great for me!

After the interview, myself, mom and Pam all went to Nelson for the afternoon. I had some essentials that I wanted to pick up, only to come back completely empty handed! How do they run out of the things I want during the only time that I am back in the Kootenays? Seriously?!?! Not cool. But we did go to the bakery for lunch, which was delicious as always. Plus I got to see some of my old coworkers which was fantastic. Such great people to work with. Even though the trip didn't fullfill my shopping desires, it was still a great day. The weather was beautiful again, and the mountains were gorogeous, and the town was full of snowboarders and travellers from all over the world. When we got back from Nelson, I went to Sarah's house and chilled with her and her family for a couple hours. This is my heterolifepartner whom I always miss so incredibly much every time I leave BC. Plus, every time I am home I always seem to fall in love with her kids all over again. They barely know me because they were born right before I came to PEI for school, and yet they are so warm and affectionate with me, and they call me Aunty Adrienne :) It makes me think that Sarah must talk about me with them a lot. Plus I got my shoes for Sarah's wedding!! I'll admit that I wore them around the house for the rest of the night when I got home. They are so gorgeous! I'm glad Sarah has good taste in shoes.

The next morning was my day to leave. Pam drove me to Kelowna, where we went to Orchard Park Mall, and then to Costco. I'll admit, driving 3.5 hours to go to Costco is always worth it. What is it about that place that is so enjoyable? Possibly the snacks. Yeah...the free snacks are crucial for a successful trip to Costco. Unfortunately Pam had to head back ASAP because she had to work in the morning, so she abandoned me at the airport and went on her merry way (did I say abandoned out loud????). Three and a half hours later I was on my first of several flights back to PEI.

Tip of the Day: Watch out for butts of women who sit in the aisle seat across from you on planes. Just when you least expect it, one will smack you in the face in the middle of a power nap. This is your first and only warning.

16 Hours of travel later (6 in the air and 10 waiting in airports), I'm back on the island. I went out last night to Baba's to watch Chris play Open Mike again. Even though I didn't get to sleep until 3am, I feel good! For some reason my body just kicks back into gear when I travel East. This is a very good thing. The bad thing though? The stack of homework waiting for me right now. Here I go!

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