Sunday, July 18, 2010


Friday morning I crawled out of bed to go on a hike with my sister Pam. I've been wanting to learn about all of the trails in this area which I have well over-looked in all of my time living here. I guess I was never hugely interested in these big mountain adventures until now. Perhaps it's the fact that I've been living on a flat island for the past three years has lead me to feel a new deep urge to explore the mountains that I have been missing so badly. So I drove up to her house and we all piled into her car (me, her, Graham and Splash) and headed up to Rossland to find the trailhead.

(Plewman Trail)

Initially we were going to just hike up some of the way on Old Glory Trail which is a rather long path to take on a we had the dog and didn't want to do a majorly huge hike that didn't have good water sources for her. We're not very familiar with this area of trails so we didn't want to overdo it on the first try. Pam, my dad, my aunt and uncle all climbed Old Glory last year and it was about an 8 hour day for them, which is an event that needs to be planned out in advance. As we began the trek, we found a different trail which steered away from our initial planned trail but seemed like a good adventure. It was called Plewman Trail and ran for 5km up the mountain. I later learned that this is actually an "advanced" trail, which is something we are not. But we climbed it for an hour and a half before we headed back home. It was definitely tough in some spots but the semi-tree-enclosed trail was kept relatively cool in the sunshine and the beautiful creeks and views were enough to keep us going along. Pam and I made a date for next Saturday to do the entire trail, which I am super excited for!

Oh, I forgot to mention my 15 minutes of fame. Every couple of months, Teck puts out this fancy little newsletter to discuss everything that's going on in the company and in this edition there was a picture of Chris, myself, Pam and Splash. It was taken when we did the Kootenay Columbia Trail on June 13th for the wellness program that Teck has. I wish I had a copy that I could post on my blog to show everyone. Oh well. The next planned hike is on August 8th and I am very much looking forward to it.

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