Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Naked Truth

There are some things that I am getting to be quite famous for, such as a bad sense of direction, the ability to break seemingly unbreakable objects and my lovely bad timing. Most people think that they have bad timing, but I truly do. Don't ride in the car with me unless you want to hit every red light. I will always call you right at supper time. My most recent bad timing happened yesterday afternoon at about 4:30pm.

Ok, so when I was a toddler/young child, I was always naked. Trying to keep clothes on me was just a feat my mom learned to give up on quite quickly. I'm guessing that most of my family was surprised to see me grow up to be such a conservative dresser who rarely shows much skin at all. And I don't like to take chances of the possibilty of someone seeing too much of my skin. For example, even if the house is empty, all blinds are closed and all doors are locked, I will still wrap and towel around myself when darting from the bathroom to the bedroom after a shower. But every so often, I take a walk on the wild side and do the unthinkable.

Today while I was in the process of getting changed, I made a quick naked trip to the living room to grab something. And I mean super quick. Walk in, grab the item and walk out kind of quick. In that five seconds in which I was standing in the living room, my sister poked her head in the window and knocked on the door. C'mon! What are the chances?!?!? Of all the minutes of all the days, in that second she had to pull up to the house and knock on the door and peer into the only set of blinds in the entire house that weren't completely drawn. My poor sister. I bet she wasn't expecting that. Assuming that no one would approach the door at that moment was just another awesome reminder of my horrible timing.

Tip of the Day: never assume anything, or else as ass of me you will see.

Last summer the same kind of thing happened but with my roommate. After a workout I decided to make the three step leap to the bathroom while completely nude. I was completely sure that no one was upstairs, but alas, when I stepped into the bathroom there she was with a horrified look on her face. Actually, the look she gave was absolutely hilarious and I will never forget it as long as I live. She moved out shortly after.

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