Sunday, May 8, 2011

Plenty to Celebrate!

My major concern at the moment is that I have way too much to talk about and that this blog post will end up taking all of you about an hour to read, which I doubt is how you want to spend your day. I will try to make it snappy and sweet.

So it all began Wednesday night when my parents arrived in PEI. They were delayed in Montreal for a while so their flight was 2 hours late. And believe me, Charlottetown airport can only stimulate a person for so long so me waiting alone for 2 hours seeing if their plane would show up was a bit painful. But they arrived in one piece around 1:30am and it was well past 2:30am by the time I got them to the hotel and headed home. This is their hotel, The Great George.

Thursday was a chill kind of day. We walked around town and I took them for a drive out into the country so they could get the lay of the land. Unfortunately the weather had its own idea and it got so rainy and foggy that we couldn't even see the coast-line as we drove along side it. We're hoping to go for a nice drive tomorrow and see some beaches if the weather permits it. We went to Cedar's Eatery for supper which is one of my favourite places to eat in Charlottetown. A small Lebanese restaurant that cooks with enough garlic to choke an elephant, and yet I can't get enough. It's so delicious. Even my dad was a fan and he tends to turn his nose up to a lot of ethnic foods. (He even ate Korean food today! He's turning into a whole new person right before my eyes!) After dinner the parents retired back to the hotel while I headed to the bar to meet some of the girls to have a drink. Friends started to trickle back onto the island for graduation so we felt it was necessary to celebrate their arrival with some beers.

Friday was a bit more busy. I had to go to the rehearsal convocation for my graduation in the morning, pick up my gown, , run some errands, make some lunch/dinner for my parents, then later in the afternoon we Nutrition students all gathered together to get our photo taken which goes on the wall of the Nutrition building for all generations to admire. Following that was a little ceremony for our class in which we each got to invite a few close relatives and the ceremony included a couple speeches from some profs, the presentation of our rings and a meet & greet of every one's families and our professors. It was really nice that the department put that on for us because it gave us a chance to mingle and meet every one's mom and dad and just enjoy each other's company one last time as a group. Plus there was excellent food! And once again, afterwards we went out for beers.

Saturday was graduation. I am officially a graduate from the University of Prince Edward Island (I have the degree to prove it!). The day was incredibly busy and full of nerves, excitement, happiness and lots of picture taking. The day went by so quickly it's hard to even remember the little details. I do remember that my gown kept riding up the front of me and constantly choked me while I tried to retain my dignity as I walked around all day. I also remember sore feet. Anyway, it was lovely and the weather held out by not raining, which was a huge relief for everyone. After the ceremony, myself, mom and dad, and Chris and his parents all went out to the Maple Grille for dinner. I've wanted to go there since I heard about it during first year, but the menu is not the most suitable for a student's pocketbook, so I stayed clear it for many years. But yesterday was a celebration and I am so glad that I chose there to eat because it was delicious! I would have licked my plate as well as everyone else's plates as well if it wasn't so looked down upon. I highly recommend the Maple Grille if you want some good eats. And guess what? Afterwards I met up with friends to guessed it! Beer!

Today, Sunday, is Mother's Day (Happy Mother's Day!). I had to work in the morning so I spent the first 8 hours of my day feeding people and their mom's lots of eggs benedict and lobster quiche. It was a good and busy morning so the time went by quickly. Mom and dad went out on their own and did some touristy thing while I was at work. I was told that the famous Sir John. A MacDonald and my dad had a good conversation. I spent the rest of the afternoon with my folks, then we headed out to Chris's parents house for dinner where we met up with the entire family for an excellent meal (and company of course). There was plenty of food, wine, laughter and even a song or two played by Chris. It was the perfect way to end a fantastic weekend.

Now, I head to bed. Oh man. Bed. This is going to be good. Zzzzzzzzz

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