Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wet Feet. Happy Feet.

It's been raining here lately. A lot. And it can be hard to take because it's the middle of May and all we want to do is go outside and hit the trails with our bikes and boardwalks with our buddies and just celebrate the fact that winter is over. But it just keeps raining. Rain is wonderful to a certain extent. I absolutely love waking up in the morning to the sound of the rain because it gives me an excuse to stay in bed a little while longer. No rush to get out of bed quite yet. Or a cool rain shower in the middle of a hot afternoon is superb because it freshens the air and makes everything smell wonderful. But week after week of dreary rain is good for only one thing - Complaining. People love to complain about the weather. Yes, I am one of them. Especially when I notice that the bottom of my shoes have detached from the main body of the shoe making my feet especially wet the past couple of days. I just thought I was sloshing through too many puddles.

The reason I bring the dull subject of the weather up in this post, is because two days ago I had one of those moments that reminds me that I've become accustomed to being a boring adult and the moment made me officially stop complaining about the rain. I was driving down Queen Street (in the rain) and a kid and his mom were walking along the sidewalk. The kid was dancing and twirling and laughing in the heavy rain with no hat or any kind of weather protective gear on. Meanwhile, about 10 feet behind him was his mom who looked like she was having the day from hell and was completely drenched (even though she had an umbrella).

The scene made me laugh. There have been numerous occasions where I have been trapped in a torrential downpour with no hope of shelter and all I could do was take the moment to laugh and play. Jumping into puddles is more than acceptable when your pants and shoes are weighing you down with the weight of the water. Makeup running down your face is of zero concern because the rain will wash it away in a few minutes anyway. Flat hair? Who cares??!!? Not me! I've decided to stop speaking negatively about the rain for now because I'm sick of listening about it so I'm not going to join the ranks of complainers. It can't rain forever. The sun will come back. I promise.

I have never taken a picture of my feet before but today I felt it was necessary to express the happiness my feet feel right now. Today I got my first ever pedicure and it was divine. I have never really taken much notice or care to my feet which is surprising because my feet are important to me and I enjoy having them so I don't know why I don't take better care of them. I used to put foot cream on them every night before I went to sleep but that was the extent of my overall foot care and really, that didn't last very long. But I started going to Nakai which is the new spa in town and after my first visit they gave me a complementary pedicure to get me to come back...so of course I did! Who's going to turn down a free pedicure? Like I said. It was divine. If you've never done it, do it. If you already do it, why didn't you convince me to do it sooner? Kaylynne tried to get me to come with her to get one last week and it just didn't happen for some reason. Clashing schedules perhaps? I wish I had gone.

Tip of the Day: Go get a pedicure! Your feet deserve it.

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