Saturday, May 14, 2011

Then Reality Sets In

So I have spent the past 9 days in a frenzy of graduation events and being my parents' tour guide. I have be enjoying getting up (reasonably) early and starting the day by driving/walking around with them and showing them the sights. Mom really loved seeing all of the amazing old churches and graveyards that PEI has, so we got in the habit of stopping and looking at them when we came across one on our drives out in the country. I've also been enjoying eating out far more regularly than usual, but there is a guilt building up around not cooking for so long and for spending money on meals when they could easily be made at home. Well, I guess I did make dinner for the folks on a few occasions, so I suppose that helps a bit.

Our trip to Halifax was not what we had planned since Mother Nature decided to rain, and rain, and rain a whole lot more. I can barely remember the last time I saw the sun and the forecast isn't promising for the next week or so. The drive there we stopped to take some pictures of the famous Confederation Bridge and a couple lighthouses. Once we got to Halifax, we did a little sightseeing but mostly just ended up shopping since the wind and rain kept turning the umbrellas inside-out. Dad got the chance to meet Alexander Keith, which he seemed pretty happy about about. I got some lovely new clothes which I am excited to someday wear once the weather turns a bit warmer. Oh, and we also got slightly "lost" on the way home since my dad took a wrong exit without my knowledge and we ended up adding an extra 1.5+ hours onto the drive. But if you ask him about it he'll just blame the whole ordeal on me, so don't bother.

It was great to have mom and dad spend some time here on the island. They got a bit of a sense of the life I've been living the past few years and the chance to see the places I go and the people I've met along the way. I even got them to come to Thursday night trivia at Hunters! Actually, there was very little coaxing involved. Once they heard the size of the draft beers that they sell there they seemed more than happy to experience trivia night. Kidding, kidding. But it was a lot of fun. Even Jess and Sam came along as well which I was grateful for since we would have sucked royally without them. We still didn't win, but the night was fun nonetheless.

Their flight departed at 6am this morning so the goodbyes had to be done last night. As always, it was hard to say goodbye. Some days it is excruciatingly difficult to live so far away from all of my family. The thing with that though is that now I have to face reality. My excuses for not searching really hard for jobs was that I wanted to wait until after I graduated and after the parents returned back to BC. Well, that time is now which means I have to face the facts that I have a large student loan to pay off and a degree to live up to.


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