Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

Well, I am officially a whole year older, as of yesterday that is. Yep, the old birthday has come and past and yet I feel...yep... pretty much the same as I did 2 days ago. A bit more itchy since the mosquitoes had a bit of a feast on my limbs today, but otherwise still as young and fresh as always!

My main birthday celebration happened on Friday night at Baba's Lounge. I had a group of friends all meet me there for drinks and to listen to Chris's band who had a show that night. I was happy that they began the show by having Chris play "acoustically" a couple of my favourite songs, just for me. I felt so special. Unfortunately everyone in my celebratory group trickled out of the bar quite early so my night ended quite a bit sooner than I would have liked, but I did have to work in the morning so it was probably for the best. The beers were going down much too easily for my 8am wake-up call.

The next day I worked until 3:30pm and afterwards Chris and I headed to his sister's house to go for a swim in their pool. It was lovely. Nothing like jumping into a swimming pool after a long sweaty day at work. Plus I got to hang out with a couple of his nieces which is always fun. After swimming, a quick shower and a phone call from my parents which included a hilarious rendition of "Happy Birthday", we went to Fishbones a delicious supper and even got a round of free drinks since it was my birthday! Horray for free alcohol!

Today is Sunday which means another long day at work. But Sundays are always really busy so the time went by quickly and all of the regulars who come in every weekend are generally very pleasant to serve. After work Chris and I went and grabbed Farley Mowatt and headed to one of the beaches to take him for a good swim and play session. Plus Chris wanted to go for a swim too so it worked out swimmingly for the two of them.

Did ya catch that? Huh? Huh? Ok, moving on.

Today I learned that Farley is a great swimmer, even though he does not do all that great with bringing the ball back from the water. I also learned that no one abides to the "All Dogs Must Be Leashed At All Times" signs that they post at the public beaches. This suited us well though.

Tip of the Day: Ocean water gives dogs diarrhea when they play in it for an hour. Just a warning to you all who may not know that.

One thing I noticed last night is that this is the first birthday in all my years that I have never had a birthday cake of some sorts on the day of my birthday. Not gonna lie...this realization me a little sad. I should have went out and bought myself a cupcake or something. I might have to treat myself tomorrow when I am out and about in town. Mmmmm. I am thinking Leonhards Bakery. Damn, they're closed on Mondays. I might have to wait til Tuesday to fulfill my birthday cake desires.

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