Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lookin' Good

Today I stumbled upon a website that I want to share with everyone! It's called My Body Gallery ( and what it is is a website where women upload pictures of their bodies along with their dimensions and clothing sizes. Its purpose is for other women to be able to look at the bodies of women with the same dimensions as themselves and be able to actually see and compare what a similar sized body looks like. This sounds a bit strange but let me explain. I love this idea so much!

I am very guilty of overestimating my body size and apparently the majority of women overestimate their waist width by 25% and their hips by 15%. That's fairly huge if you think about it. Have you ever seen that show "How to Look Good Naked"? It's a great show because it shows how women actually do think that they are larger than they really are and teaches them to love and appreciate their bodies. Most of us have at least one (but most of us have multiple) part of the body that we wish we could make thinner, plumper, rounder, flatter, firmer...just change! The number of times I have looked at a hot girl walking down the street and thought, "If only I had her legs...or butt...or abs..." or whatever amazing body part this particular woman possessed, is countless.

So the whole point of this website is that someone who has a distorted image of her body, which is 95% of us, can punch in her own measurements and see other women who have the same measurements. I think that a lot of women are going to be surprised with what they see and I also think that many will be pleasantly surprised. Not only are these real women with real bodies that are similar to our own, aka, the ones we put up with everyday, but they will see that they are smaller than the previously believed. I really hope that women will take the time to visit this site and get a good look at beautiful women with similar shapes and form. I also hope they will take a good look at their own bodies and try not to constantly put down what they have to work with.

Tip of the Day: There's always plastic surgery if you really hate it.

2nd Tip of the Day: Remember though, plastic surgery is painful and expensive and there's a good chance you will come out looking like a human sized Bratz doll. Scary!

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