Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shoulder Numbing and Head Butting

I have been a very lazy blogger lately. I blame it on my shoulder, lack of inspiration to blog and evil landlords.

The shoulder situation began last Monday when I noticed that my shoulder had magically become numb for no apparent reason. Hmm. Strange. I shook it off, the feeling came back and went about my day. An hour later the numbness returned. Hmm. Shook it off and once again the feeling returned. After a few days of this annoying routine I decided to try to figure out what was going on so yesterday I had a massage from a local masseuse. Before the massage we talked a lot about my daily routines and any exercise or hobbies that may be causing the problem, then she went to town on my back and shoulder in hopes of finding a reason for the continuous numbness. There were some of her hypotheses for my problem: 1) Biking. My posture and the constant bending of the wrist on the handle-bars is causing a chain reaction through the wrist, up the arm and into the shoulder where I am bracing every bounce and turn from the bike. Solution - buy some biking gloves and raise the handle-bars on the bike. 2) My job. The constant movement of my left arm has tightened the muscles in my chest and shoulder. 3) Insanely tight pec muscles. Considering I don't really work out my chest muscles, I was shocked when she told me that I have an aggressively tight left pectoral. She suggested I put a hot water bottle on my chest every night in hopes of it loosening the tightness a bit. I hope it works.

My lack of inspiration to blog stems mostly from my boring life. Ok, I take that back. That's just me coping out of the true reason which is my embarrassingly terrible memory. Back when I went to school full-time, I always had my little black notebook on me so if I had an idea for a blog then I would write it down immediately and later that day I would look in the book to remind myself of the idea. Now whenever I have an idea I forget it about 2 minutes later since I don't carry the book around with me anymore, so later in the evening when I have the desire to type something out, I am at a loss of what I wanted to talk about. LAME!

Evil Landlords is the main topic on my brain these days and the constant head butting that has be happening for the past 8 months. This story begins way back in January when we had the horrible experience of dealing with bedbugs in our apartment (remember that fun time?). Well, a few months later we got a call from the landlords asking us to come to their office for a chat. This chat consisted of them asking us to pay for the extermination bill. We declined their generous offer because really, how is it our fault that we moved into their apartment, got bitten by dozens of disgusting parasites, had to wash every inch of fabric we owned, got put out of the apartment for 2 nights and now get to sleep on a lovely plastic bed sheet? So another few months go by and we receive a letter from the Office of the Director of Residential Rental Property saying that our landlords are going to proceed legally to get us to pay this bill. Seriously? C'mon! So we go down there to do our part and explain our story to the Rental Board, which they document, and tell us to wait for a letter telling us when out court date is. UGH. Two days ago the letter finally came so on September 7th we have to go before a judge and let him/her decide what the deal is. I feel that this is such fanatical bullshit and I want to go down there to the main office of our landlords and just scream at them for being so petty and cheap! Is it not your duty to provide a safe and habitable living environment for your tenants? Doesn't the infestation of parasites in a tenant's apartment qualify as an unsafe and unfit living environment? I'm sorry, but I think so.

This whole thing has gotten me so wound up, mostly because we can't afford to pay this rather large exterminator fee. Plus it just seems to petty considering these landlords are famously wealthy people who own so much property in this town. I think that if the word got out that they had bedbugs in their apartment building and they were forcing tenants to pay to get rid of them, this would cause a bit of talk amongst possible renters. Wouldn't you agree??


  1. if you end up stuck paying the bill, i would make darn sure that the word gets out about your landlords, just make sure you do it such a way that you cant get naile for slandering them. i will keep my fingers crossed that it goes in your favor! good luck!

  2. Thanks Sandi - We appreciate the vote of luck. I also hope it goes in our favour as well...this has been such a nightmare!