Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Personal Best

If there is anything that I appreciate about this island is that it encouraged me to buy a bike and ever since that day in McQueen's Bike Shop, I have become so much in love with riding my bike. The scenery alone will cause a person to become addicted to riding in the countryside. The green fields all dotted with acres of flowers, all bright yellows and purples, not to mention black and whites of all the dairy cows along the way. Plus the foxes, rabbits, chipmunks and brightly coloured birds are a delight to see nearly every trip out there.

What I really like about riding is that I am constantly reaching these personal milestones that I set for myself in terms of distance traveled. I have been sticking to about the same distance for a while now but today I went farther and did a personal best with a round trip of 42kms. Now 42kms really isn't that far and a lot of the time I know that I can go much further, but I always have this persistent voice in the back of my head reminding me that I have to turn back and cover that distance again. Riding one way is's the trip back home that can be a bit treacherous when my energy reserves are dwindling. What I would really love to do one day is ride my bike until I can physically no longer ride, then either have someone come get me or get a ride home somehow. I would like to know how far I can actually go without needing to go back the way I came. I think I might surprise myself.

On a different note, to those who have been asking, my dad got through his surgery with flying colours and is re-cooperating at his sister's house in Victoria. He was told he had to stay in Victoria for a few days after his discharge from the hospital but since all is well, he will be flying back home tomorrow.

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