Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Two days into November already and I haven't even posted my Halloween pictures! Where is my head these days I wonder? Halloween was a fun time this year - I highly enjoyed it. Since Halloween day was a Monday, that meant that all hard partying had to occur on Saturday the 29th.
Chris has been planning out and building his costume for months now and I don't think I have ever seen him more excited about anything as much as he is about this costume. He's a major history buff, especially Ancient Greek history, so it was more than fitting for him to create a Greek Hoplite costume. My attempt to chose a costume that "matched" his was a Greek Goddess costume. My favourite part of my costume was by far the wig. My least favourite part was by far the huge amount of glitter. I am still picking it off of me.

That night a group of 6 of us headed to Hunters Ale House where we partook in Halloween Trivia! An evening of guessing questions all having to do with the spooky holiday proved to be a very fun time. I loved that I got to spend the time with some friends that I very rarely get to see any more. It was great to be able to talk to them in a smaller group before heading out to the loud house parties that we were inevitably going to visit that night. Also, we won second place! Chris was in the running for Best Costume but some chick dressed up like Mystique ended up taking the prize. I mean, yeah she looked awesome but it was pretty much just a girl wearing a blue (store bought) leotard, red wig and yellow contacts. Chris should have won for the huge amount of energy and ingenuity that went into his costume. I might be biased...but he should have won! 

After Hunters we went to a house party which had pretty much all of my closest and most wonderful friends. I don't get to see these people enough anymore! After that party we went to another house party down the street (the one good thing about this town is that it is so small, therefore parties are close by when driving is not an option for a single person attending!). As you can see by the picture below, my friend Jo had a few too many at this point. But she sure looked hot!

Two nights later on the actual day of Halloween, myself and a small group of friends dressed up again and went out for a couple drinks to celebrate the night. To our surprise, no one else in this bloody town was dressed up! Where is the spirit? But that's ok. We had fun anyway. Plus I got to wear my friend Jess's Knife Thrower's Assistant costume which was awesome since I got to wear creepy makeup (the knife thrower missed, stabbing me four times in the torso). Heheee! Oh, and no I'm not naked in this picture.

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