Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring In My Step

As I get older, I have started to notice little things that I do/say/feel that never were a problem before and have suddenly come to my attention. For example, I now get really cranky when I am hungry. This just came on in the past year and I don't know what has changed in my body to account for the sudden disgruntlement when I have an empty stomach, but it it a strange and unkind phenomenon for me.

This picture pretty much sums it up perfectly
Another example of something that has been tweaked in me over the past couple of years is that I now can barely wait for Winter to end and Spring to begin. I used to LOVE winter and would cherish every snow flake and toque embracing day, but now I just want the warmth and the sun to envelope every part of me. Of course I have always loved Spring for so many reasons (reasons which are to come later on) but Winter was by far always my favourite season. I remember listening to my dad grumble on about how much he wished Winter would just be over and how as you get older you just want the cold months to be over as quickly as possible. And I'd be thinking, "What??? Why?" But now a part of me is starting to feel like that and it's a bit sad. Now I'm all about Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring!

Why do I love Spring? (in no particular order)
- The sun! It's so warm and comforting and just makes you say, "Ahhhh...that feels gooooood."
- Easter. I love Easter for many reasons...most of them kind of silly. Like I love the colours of Easter. Pastel pinks, blues, greens and yellows. They only come out this time of the year and they're just so cute! Easter is such a cute holiday. Plus there is always lots of chocolate around which I will never complain about.
- Shoes. Today I wore my flats (with no socks!) for the first time this year and it just felt great to bring out the nice shoes. All of us girls finally get to pull out all of those cute and fancy shoes that have been hiding in boxes in the back of the closet for so many months just waiting to be worn again for the world to appreciate. I can't wait to bust out my red Hush Puppies.
- Flowers. Pussy willows, daffodils, crocuses, tulips...they're just so pretty and fresh and new. They brighten up our flowerbeds and kitchen tables and give colour to the brown end-of-winter dullness.
- Opening windows in the house. I hate a stagnant smell in the house and hate air fresheners even more, so I generally always have a window open no matter the time of year. But in the Spring I can open multiple windows and now worry about freezing the place out.
- People's moods get better. When the sun is out and the heavy clothes come off, everyone gets a whole lot more chipper. Every person you talk to will compliment the temperature with a big smile which is always enjoyable.
- That guy who underdresses with optimism. Everyone knows someone like this; the guy who busts out the shorts and t-shirt as soon as the temperature gets over the freezing mark. This guy is determined the put Winter behind him and move on with the fast approaching Summer. No doubt he shakes and shivers for a good month before the temperature meets up with his wardrobe choices, but he is one optimistic son-of-a-gun.
- The way the air smells. Fresh. Mmmmm.
- That dread of waiting for the car to warm up is gone. There's always that lurking dread that you feel right before you leave the house and are about the head out to the car to get it started in the cold Winter morning. You know you're going to have to sit there an extra couple of minutes to let the engine warm up while you sit there rubbing your hands together and debating what is worse, a) turning on the heat full blast knowing full well that cold air will attack you head on, or b) keeping the heat off and allowing the car to warm up for a few minutes, then turn the dial up. What is great about Spring is that you go down to the car, it starts easily and it's no big deal if the heat is even on because the sun has already pre-warmed the interior of the car.
- Clothes shopping. Sure there are plenty of pieces in your closet that you are stoked to put on again and wear with pride, but it's near impossible to not go out and buy new clothes for celebrating the new season.
- Finding stuff in your spring coat pocket. Your hand reaches in and feels something foreign. It's bigger than lint and stiffer than an old piece of Kleenez. Maybe it's money!! 99% of the time it's an old receipt but dang, it was exciting knowing that it could have been an old $20 bill you forgot about.
- Motorbikes come back on the road. Even though I don't own one, I know just how excited these guys are to finally be able to start up their bikes and get back out there. So I guess I am excited for them. It also reminds me that I get to bust out my bike (pedal bike of course) soon as well. Whooot whoooo!

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