Saturday, March 31, 2012

Windows of My Soul

Yesterday I got an Iridology reading from Rachelle! She is a Registered Iridologist and is one of the few practicing in the entire Maritimes. A while back she said that we would book me in to get a reading done but we're both so busy at work every single day that squeezing in that hour to do a reading was getting more and more tricky. I have been having some problems with my health for a while now and have been putting off going to a doctor for way too long, but last week I finally went and they decided to do some blood work and a couple tests on me (like getting a lactose intolerance test and test for Celiac Disease, vitamin deficiencies, bacterial infections and all that fun stuff). When I told Rachelle that I was going in for tests she wanted to get me in for a reading before the tests so that she could predict that they would say. Plus she wanted to get to the bottom of what's been going on with me and knew that she could give me some "insight" into my health.

First I want to give a quick explanation as to what Iridology is. A trained Iridologist can look into your iris, the coloured part of your eye, and literally see any problems that you are having internally. Each section of the iris is directly linked to a specific organ and any abnormalities in that part of the iris can tell an Iridologist if that organ is toxic, inflamed, damaged..etc.  What is super cool about this science is that the iris is known to change BEFORE any physical symptoms appear meaning that they can predict future health issues or diseases . This can be helpful to prevent and avoid any diseases which may occur without the proper treatment or intervention.  I also learned that the left eye is linked with the left side of our body, which is our
feminine, creative, conceptual and intuitive side while the right eye links to the right side of our body, which is our masculine, analytical, linear and practical side. The masculine/feminine eyes also correlate to our parents. Any genetic problems passed down from our fathers will show up on the right eye while ones from dear mom show in the left eye.

So ever since Rachelle said she wanted to do a reading on me, which was about 2 months ago, I have kept my personal health issues, both past and present, quite hush hush cause I wanted her to go into it without knowing anything about what's been going in my body. I wanted to hear what she had to say without any bias or previous knowledge. And I'll admit, I am hugely impressed with that she had to say. She knew things about me that I would never think to tell even a doctor because it would seem too trivial to discuss.

- Trauma in the throat area as a child (tonsils removed)
- Damage to the ears (chronic ear infections as a kid caused massive scarring in my ears)
- Skin issues (I have keratosis pilaris)
- Knots and tension in the left shoulder (oh yeah, most definitely)
- Neck issues and pain (fell when I was a little kid, busted out a bunch of teeth, wrecked my neck and have had problems ever since)
- Upper back problems (possibly a connection to my neck injury but I couldn't be sure about this one specifically. I do carry a lot of tension on my upper back though.)
- Inflammation in the GI track (ya think? Only since I was 10)
- One leg longer than the other causing hip tension and tightening (yep)
- Problems in my descending colon (uh oh)
- Gall bladder issues. She asked me if I ever had problems with my gall bladder. I said no. She said that if I don't fix whatever my GI problem is then in the next 10 years or so I will likely have major gall bladder issues and am susceptible to this problem genetically. And guess what? My mom is getting her gall bladder removed soon. Coincidence?
- Possible essential fatty acid deficiency
- Inflammation in the sinuses on the left side (not sure why this would be but she said it could be due a dairy allergy or intolerance)
- Plus more personal issues that I really don't want to put on my blog...but really specific things that blew my mind that she could pick up on from looking into my eyes. There were a couple that were so accurate that I just sat back and laughed.

So that's the gist of my experience being read by an Iridologist. Pretty cool for sure. If you've ever been interested to get something like this done out of pure interest or to try to figure out what's going on inside your body, I say go for it! It's quick, painless and a whole lot easier than all the tests that doctors put you through to diagnose you. Obviously this is by no means a way to get a medical diagnosis but it might give you some insight as to where to tell the doctors to look for clues as to what's going on.

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