Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good News (x2)

I've been a bit of a crazy person the past few days due to the large amount of hours I have been working and I am not sure how many days of accumulating writing it will take to get this one post written, but I'm going to try my darndest to get something out there to remind my readers that I am alive and kicking.

The day I left for the Moncton interview (so last Friday), I was offered a job with Rachelle Wood, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who works out of Charlottetown. I have been volunteering with her since October and her business is booming which means that she needs an extra pair of hands to help her out around the office with admin duties, as well as one-on-one counseling with her clients while she is away on business in other provinces. Of course I jumped at the chance at being able to work with her and also be able to actually use some of my education. I am very excited at this new opportunity as well as the skills I will be learning in the next few months and the events I will get to attend. Plus Rachelle is such a great inspiration and a great ball of energy which is a positive force to be in constant contact with. I hope that our diverse educational backgrounds will mesh well together and compliment each other in a way that will be beneficial to her clients and her practice.

Unfortunately this means that I did have to give my notice at Outriders which does make me sad. Everyone there was very welcoming and kind to me which I greatly appreciated. For now, I am going to try to keep one or two shifts a week and see how that goes. Since I am also still employed at the Culinary Institute as a banquet serving, trying to juggle 3 jobs might prove to be quite difficult as time goes on. Avoiding working at the CI was easy up to this point since they have had very few events happening the past couple of months, but things are picking up fast there and they are needing to get us in there several days a week. I never thought I would ever say this, but it sucks having jobs that I actually like! I feel that I will have to quit either Outriders or the CI just to keep my sanity and have a day off every now and then, but it's so hard to choose which! Only time shall tell I suppose.

I think you know who Chris and I are in this
picture vs. Bevans 
With the good news of my new job comes even more good news! Remember way back in November when we had that court date since our previous landlords appealed the decision of them having to pay for the extermination of the bedbugs that were in our apartment? Well finally, 3 months later, we heard back and they were denied their appeal which means that we are officially off the hook! Horray! I was only about 3% worried about getting negative news from this whole thing since they really had no case against us, so it was a nice relief to get the letter saying basically that the landlords are greedy jerks who try to take advantage of their sweet innocent tenants by trying to make them pay for their bad decisions of renting out their apartment to people who treated it like a shanty. I'm sure the letter was bit more professional and had a few more fancy terms than that, but you get the gist of it.

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  1. well YAY!! for you on all counts! you are going to have to remember to take time to have a life too!