Tuesday, May 11, 2010

P & P

I begin this blog with some pictures of one of my favourite blogs which I have mentioned many times already (Cake Wrecks), and yesterday they were celebrating cakes involving the medical profession. I think these are quite hilarious since they involved butts/bowels which is always a hot topic in my circle of friends (sex or poop, right ladies??). I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

So today is....Thursday?? Yeah, that's right. I can never seem to keep my days straight anymore. That's the one great thing about school; it keeps you on track for what day of the week it is. I've been working 7-3 for the past five shifts and will be doing that shift again tomorrow for the last time. On Friday I begin my regular work shifts which are 4 and 4, meaning I work 4 twelve hour shifts (two days and two nights) and then I get 4 days off. Overall I'll be working 72 hours in 8 days, which is good in some ways but crappy in other ways. I'll be very much looking forward to my four days off when they come. Working Shift work will be hard to get used to but over time it will get easier to deal with physically. I don't do well when my sleep patterns get screwed up, which they will get screwed up royally working this job...but it'll be worth it in the end.

So the job I'll be working is in Zinc Melting and basically I will be driving a forklift for most of the shift and tossing giant stacks of plated zinc down chutes from where they get melted in another area of the plant and made into huge blocks of zinc (jumbos) or smaller blocks for other customers. Today we actually got some driving time on the forklifts which was good because we need to learn how to handle those things really quickly since we'll be expected to run the charge floor with little supervision in a small amount of time. It's a really intimidating job at first because there's so many things you have to be watching and thinking about at once; and when you're driving a forklift in snail speed because you suck at it, it doesn't really help matters. I know it'll all become second nature for me in no time, so I shall stay positive and persevere!

The more time I spend at Teck the more I think how amazing the place is and the guys who run the place. Some jobs up there are so dangerous and so crappy, and they go everyday and work in these environments and on these complicated machines that run 24/7. Teck is like New York; "the city that never sleeps", expect it's not technically a city since there's no fancy restaurants or tourists with cameras around their necks

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  1. sometimes there are tourists....but i dont think they are allowed to take pics...good luck with the sleeping pattern...:)