Monday, May 31, 2010

Part 1 of Wedding Weekend

Yes yes, I'm alive! I have not fallen off the face of the planet, although it feels like I have in a way. I haven't turned on my computer in quite a many days and I feel guilty for not letting everyone know what I've been up to! I just want to first say that I will not be able to fit everything into just one blog, so this will probably be a double blog story. Second, I am completely exhausted but it was all most definitely worth it.

So my first "day off" was on Wednesday. I worked until 6am that morning and headed home for a well deserved sleep. Unfortunately sleep did not come as well as one would hope for since all I could do was lay there and think about everything that needed to be done in the next day and a half. I would fall asleep for about a half hour, wake up, look at the clock, grimace and try to fall back asleep. This cycle went on until about 10am when I decided that sleep was not on my list of things to do that day so I had better just get up and get some things done. Unfortunately on my way to town that day, my exhaust decided to blow up a little bit, leaving my car sounding like a 747 coming up the highway. Not good. One more thing on the list of things to do!

Thursday was crazy. I got up around 5:30 because once again I couldn't shut my brain off. My first task was to call about my car at 8am when it opened. The guy told me to bring it in at 11am. That gave me a couple hours. I had to move all of my stuff to Pam's house since that is where I am planning on living for the duration of the summer. I am well aware that it was very last minute but it was necessary since I was working lots and other things were prioritizing over moving. Plus moving sucks. Before I could move all of my stuff I had to clean out my car since it was covered in Splash and Rizzo hair. One more thing to do! After cleaning the car, packing the car, driving the car, parking the car and unloading the car at Pam's house, I did a super quick unpacking then ran the car down to Johnny's Muffler. I left him the keys and got a ride to get my mom's car which I used for the rest of the afternoon. My next task was a monster grocery shop. Moving into an empty house sucks because you have to buy everything! Flour, sugar, salt, pepper, milk, eggs, fruits..... everything. Plus you always forget about 50 things and don't think about it until you get home.

Eventually the dude from the muffler place called to give me an estimate of the damage and I gave him the go to fix the car. Poor car. It can't help the fact that it's old and falling apart. He told me to pick it up around closing time (5ish), which was perfect because I had an appointment to get my hair fixed (went slightly yellow after this new girl coloured it) at 4:30 and it would only take about 10-15 minutes and the salon was directly across the street from the muffler place. The one good thing about living in a small town; everything is so close. Well.... 45 minutes later my hair was done. I was not impressed with how long it took. 10-15 minutes my ass!! So by the time I got out of there to get my car, the place was long closed and I was starting to panic. I needed to be arranging flowers for the wedding in Robson 10 minutes ago and my car was unpaid for and sitting at the shop. I didn't know what to do! Take the car? Not take the car? I would have felt terrible just taking it without paying and letting the guy know that I would be back to pay. I ended up driving to my parent's house and having a slight mental breakdown. "I'm supposed to be arranging flowers for Sarah's wedding right now and my car is downtown and I can't just take it because I haven't paid yet and he might think I'm ripping him off and ahhh, Sarah's going to think I'm ditching them...." blah blah blah...slight freak out in my parent's kitchen. Oh, did I mention that I was leaving for Kelowna that next morning as well to pick up Chris? The plan was for me to take my parent's car to Kelowna (since my car is "unreliable" as my mom calls it) and they can use my car that day until I get back later that afternoon.

Of course my dad is the level headed one in the group. "We'll go down, grab the car and you can go to Robson to do the flowers. I'll call Johnny's and leave a message that someone will be down in the morning to pay for the car. I can pay for your car and you can pay me when you get back from Kelowna. Ok?" Thanks dad. You're the greatest. So we did the car swap and I drove as fast as I could to get to the flower party. It was held at Teresa's house (Sarah's friend) in Robson, who is a florist, and all of the bridesmaids, Teresa, Sarah and Sarah's future sister-in-law were there to put all of the bouquets and center pieces together for the wedding. The combination of lilies and roses was truly gorgeous. After they were all completed and some daiquiris and shots were downed, I needed to get home to try to get some much needed sleep for the drive the next morning. Chris was coming!

Obviously I didn't sleep. How can one sleep when they're so excited? So Friday morning consisted of getting up early and heading onto the road by 6am. I had to make a quick pit-stop at Christina Lakes Golf Course to pick up a golf club that my dad bought and had reserved for him at the pro-shop there. I arrived in Kelowna around 10:15ish and literally paced the airport until the plane landed. It was great to see a friendly face get off that plane. Not seeing him for 5 weeks wasn't all that great, but the wait was worth it. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to take in the sights of Kelowna since I had to get back to Trail for the rehearsal dinner that night at Sarah's grandma's house. No rest for the wicked I suppose. Poor Chris had to meet Sarah and all of her family all at once on a crazy stressful day of pre-wedding preparation. Not to mention my family as well. He's a brave one.

The rehearsal dinner went well. When we were practicing where we were going to stand at the ceremony and what would be said, I choked up about 3 times! I was I going to get through the actual wedding when I was a blubbering fool at the rehearsal? This was not a good sign. Plan 1 was to stuff the bra with tissue. Plan 2 was waterproof mascara. And if worse came to worse, plan 3 was to not look Sarah or anyone for that matter, in the eye the entire time. After going through the practice ceremony twice, we had some food and mingled with everyone. Sarah was feeling pretty nervous because she hates being the center of attention...but I knew she would be fine. She loves Mike too much to freak out about the whole thing.

Ok. You're probably all sick of reading all of this, so I will leave it at that for now. Part 2 will talk about the actual ceremony and reception. Yay!! The fun part!

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