Friday, June 4, 2010

The Curse Continues

So the other night at work I was driving along, minding my own business when I found myself in a tricky situation. I had to take from a pile of zinc that was in a tight corner and didn't really back up enough to get out of the area properly. I ended up turning a bit too wide which resulted in a slight (and I mean slight) rubbing of the back tires against a stack of zinc. After I cleared the stack the forklift was driving really weird and I thought that maybe I had knocked off a piece of zinc and was dragging it underneath the machine. So I hopped off the forklift to take a look. YIKES! is what I saw. I had managed to pull the tires right off and twist the drum from the axle. At first I was just completely dumbfounded. How did this happen??

I instantly went to find the night supervisor to tell him what happened. I couldn't find him so I told everyone I saw to ask him to come up to the charge floor if they saw him. Luckily the pink forklift that I had been training on was still hanging around so I jumped on it and got back to work. About a half hour later he appeared and we went to look at what I had done. All he did was laugh. He took the pink lift to lift up the broken one to see the damage. As he lifted it, the entire axle broke off. He laughed even harder at my misfortune. He told me not to worry about it and he'd send the mega big forklift up later to take it away to get fixed. Poor forklift. I broke it good.

I found this picture and I am going to use it as a metaphor. I am the dinosaur. The forklift is the forklift. Who will win in the end is the question.

On another note, I am now that person who sleeps on their breaks. Yep. I have now successfully napped twice while on my lunch breaks. The first time I was just resting my head on the table in the lunch room, only to be startled about 20 minutes later by someone in the kitchen area. Luckily he woke me up or else I would have way overslept. I was only 5 minutes late back onto the floor, so that was good. The second night I decided that a nap was in order so I headed down into the ladies changeroom and pulled out the bed that someone constructed a good while ago. There is also an old dusty alarm clock up on one of the shelves so I plugged it in, set the alarm and went to sleep. It's weird to sleep while at work but I figure if they want us to work for 12 hours during the night then it must be a least a little bit expected....right??? Here's hoping!

Oh, and they later told me that what happened with the forklift is that a crucial pin which holds the entire thing together was jarred out of place causing the whole area to fall apart. Makes me feel a bit uncomfortable knowing that this huge heavy piece of machinery that I work on is held together by a small pin.

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