Saturday, June 5, 2010

Screwing Around

Today would normally be my third day off from work, but I was asked to work an extra day this run so that makes today my last day off until Friday :( Bummer. It seems like I've been doing nothing but running around since Chris got here so we haven't had much time to actually do anything fun together. Well, I mean that's not true. We did a good hike the other day and explored the mountain up in Warfield. We also somehow got sucked into spending all afternoon/evening at my parent's house playing Yahtzee, eating pizza and moving freezers. Not too sure how that happened. Plus the weather has been complete and utter crap so going on outside adventures just aren't the same. The rain ruined our planned trip to Nelson yesterday so I am really hoping that on my next days off the weather is decent so that we can make the drive over there. I'm excited to show him that area of the Kootenays because it is so dear to my heart and it's amazingly beautiful. Not that it isn't beautiful in the rain but the experience just wouldn't be the same because I wanted to walk around lots. So like I said...fingers crossed for good weather by Friday.

So on my last day off this run, we were greeted by Pam and Graham (and Splash) knocking on the door at 9:30 to put the sub-floor in Pam's kitchen. They pulled out her old floor last weekend (which revealed an AMAZING old brown 70's style flooring) and the plan was to install the new floor this weekend. So I spent today doing errands for them and screwing lots and lots of screws into the floor. I hadn't operated a cordless drill in many years so I was really rusty at first but eventually got the hang of it by the end (4000 screws later she gets the hang of it). So tomorrow the actual tile will be put in and when I get home there will be a new shiny kitchen floor for me to enjoy! YAY! I can just see myself being the most anal retentive extremist at keeping it clean because it's so new and pretty and I'll want to keep it that way. Damn this OCD of mine.

Something that I am really enjoying about having Chris around is that everything in this area is new to him and it's adorable to see him all wide-eyed looking at the mountains and enjoying the views when we go for walks. I grew up in this area and while I appreciate the beauty tremendously, unlike him, I'm used to looking at it. Growing up here as a little kid was great because we had the outdoors to play in. Being a teenager sucked because there was never anything to do. Coming back as an adult I definitely appreciate the area more...even though there really still isn't all that much to do. If it weren't for the outdoors to spend my time in then the location here would be less than ideal to tolerate. I love the mountains. How do I survive in PEI without them?

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