Thursday, June 3, 2010

Part 2 of Weekend Wedding

So I'm a few days late with getting back to the blog, but better to have blogged and forgotten than never have blogged at all? Better late than never? Alright, here we go.

Saturday was the big day. The bridal party were all getting their hair done at 9am, and even though there wasn't anything a stylist could do with my hair, I felt as though I should be there for moral support. Chris brought me some red dye to colour my hair with (provided by the lovely Sam Gallison whom I want to thank), which I ended up colouring the night before. I was so incredibly hesitant to colour it just in case it turned out horribly and I really didn't want to eff up Sarah's wedding by being the freak show maid of honour with the Bozo the Clown orange hair. But everyone was telling me to do it so I did it and thankfully it was a major hit! Anyway, all of the ladies (plus Sarah's daughter Grayce) got their hair all sexified and I'll admit that I was jealous that I can't do fun twisty-curly things with my mop...but these things happen sometimes. The price I pay to have short hair I suppose.

So we got out of the salon around 11 and headed to Sarah's grandma's house where the ceremony was being held at 2pm. We leisurely got our makeup done, got all dressed up, had some snacks and just kind of chilled for a while. Sarah got some pictures done around the house and we just kind up hung out. The guys arrived a little after noon (giant tuxedo fiasco! It all turned out in the end but there was a moment when they were short a tux because the company sent it back for some reason. Stupid people. One tux ended up being different then all of the rest, but no one even noticed.) Guest began arriving around 1:30 and 2 o'clock was show time!

After a minor meltdown from Sarah's daughter prior to walking down the aisle (her kids walked her down the aisle), the ceremony went very smoothly. My bra was stuffed with tissue but I didn't cry! I was totally shocked. I think I just found the whole scenario really sweet because I could hear the little private comments that Sarah and Mike were saying back and forth to each other so I think that that helped keep me from losing it. Plus I was nervous as hell carrying around Mike's ring prior to the ceremony. Right before the ceremony they decided that they wanted me to hand Mike's ring to Sarah and for Glen (best man) to hand Mike Sarah's ring, so carrying it around all morning was freaking me out. That's a big responsibility. So I was on the ball making sure not to drop it and to make sure I gave it to her at the right moment. But it all worked out well and was a success! They are officially married.

Following the ceremony was mingling and lots and lots of picture taking. I am really looking forward to seeing how all of the professional pictures turned out. Chris took lots of pics from my camera but since we were all posing for another person for them we aren't really facing most of the pictures that he took so I can't wait to see how they look.

The reception started at 6pm so we got there a little early to check the place out. Everyone did an amazing job decorating the hall. The day that they decorated was the previous day that I had to go to Kelowna, so I missed out on it; therefore it was a major surprise to see how it all turned out. I wish I had pictures of the reception to share but I was just way too busy to take pictures, but at all of the tables they provided those disposable cameras for all of the guests to take so hopefully I get to see some awesome shots of the night. So people started arriving around 6 and the night got quickly underway. The toonie bar was well used throughout the night, but thankfully the bridal party all got free drinks so needless to say that there was a good amount of Crown Royal taken in by this one. Luckily the food was served quickly enough to soak it all up!

After dinner was the speeches. EEEPP! That's the one shitty thing about being maid of honour. You always have to give a speech. I wasn't nervous at all about doing it until the moment arrived, then I was nervous as hell! But it was for Sarah so I sucked it up, marched up there and did it. The one thing that totally surprised me about it was that, again, I didn't cry! Whenever I would practice the speech by myself I would ALWAYS choke up and I was certain that it was inevitable when the moment came. But it didn't. I think my nerves fought back the tears. No time to cry when you're trying not to mess up an important moment in your best friend's life. Unfortunately Mike's sister gave a speech a few minutes later that left all of us a little wet cheeked, so that made up for it. Oh, and Sarah's grandma too. Damn people.

As the night went on, the music got a louder, the alcohol was sinking in and people started dancing. The great thing about this wedding that I loved was that prior to the day, Sarah and her mom were taking music requests from everybody who was attending, so all of the music that played were all requested by people who were there that night. This was awesome because we all got to hear something that we wanted and weren't stuck listening to crappy love songs all night. In fact I don't even remember a sappy love song even playing. There was some amazing cheesy music though. This made me extremely happy!

My favourite memory of the night was when I over by myself munching on some finger food in the next room when all of a sudden I heard "Step by Step, oooh baby. Gonna get to ya girrrrrll" blast from the stereo. All I could think of was "Omigod! NKOTB! Where's Sarah?!?!??!" Sarah and I used to be madly in love with the band and it was our little secret of just how much we adored them. So I came running out of there in full speed expecting Sarah to be waiting for me on the dance floor. But she was no where to be seen so I was literally running around the hall and outside frantically asking everyone "where's Sarah? Where's Sarah?" When I got back into the main party room I saw her running towards me at full speed yelling "where were you???" and we just ran into each other's arms and starting dancing and singing at the top of our lungs. I'm sure that everyone witnessing this scenario thought that we had completely lost out minds, but it was an epic song and it would have been a tragedy to miss. We even got my sister Pam to dance as well, along with some other closet NKOTB fans who were happy to get out there to celebrate their love of that amazing 90's boy band. Good times were definitely had by all.

Oh man...what else to tell? I had a blast. I think Sarah had way more fun than she ever expected to which was wonderful. It was really fun.

The next day was the gift opening. Being maid of honour it was my duty to be the scribe, meaning that I had to sit there and write down what they got and from who to make sure that the "thank you" cards ended up being correct. Everyone was so exhausted and hung over. All we could do was laugh at each other and drink coffee. After that I had to go grab Chris and we headed to my sister's house for Cadance's birthday party. Technically her birthday was the day before, but since it was Sarah's wedding and all of my family attended the bash, Amy decided to have her party the following day. Luckily Chris, being the person that he is, held up his own in a small house packed full of my relatives and some of Amy/Jer's friends. I wish I could be half as outgoing as he is.

All in all, I think the weekend was a success. I'm glad it's over but I'm even more happy that it happened. I wish Sarah and Mike all of the happiness and love that two people can share together. Maybe next time it'll be my wedding?? (insert snickering here)

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